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Fun Summer Jobs for College Students

Neha Joshi
There are always a lot of jobs, aren't there? But fun jobs? Those are the rare ones. Having fun while you're working is something only the lucky manage to achieve. Want to be among them?
All students look forward to summer jobs. They give you experience, money, and a break from studying. Don't need anything more, do we? While we have just 3―4 months to work, it is important we make the most of them.
First, don't choose any job that comes your way, unless the experience is going to count relevant to your career in the future. Second, don't look at the pay but at the position you are being offered. The money is something you can earn more of later, the experience is something that might help you do it.

Interesting Jobs for College Students

Report It!

One of the best summer jobs would perhaps be to work for the local paper. This way, you gain some reporting experience and also some writing experience.
Most newspaper agencies take in trainees from time to time. Sometimes, just freelance work is available if not as a paid employee. Working for a paper has its advantages for sure. While you're at it, you can also take up another part-time job that will help you get double experience and more money.

Manage It!

If you are studying management in college, the best job would be to work as a management trainee. Most trainees are underpaid and over worked, but the experience is something that nothing else can match.
Working as a management trainee will give you practical experience before you even finish your degree and will help you a lot during your placements. The entire class will have theoretical knowledge, but you might just stand out due to this experience.

Write It!

If you have a flair for writing, you can start freelancing in your holidays. You can write for magazines, content websites, and blogs. Even this you should do keeping in mind your future plans.
For example, if you want to design cars in the future, you can write reviews of new cars, etc. Writing about a specific topic shows you were interested in this field since the beginning. It will be counted as a relevant experience later on.

Assist Them!

Assisting an expert in a field of your choice is a great idea. For example, you want to pursue photography as a career. In that case, assist a photographer who is famous in your city.
Start sending applications to as many people as possible; personally go and meet a few, if needed. This experience will hold a lot of importance in the future.

Help Them!

A few of us always want to do something for the poor and underprivileged. This summer, you have your chance to do it. Take initiative and start planning a project for the poor.
This can be anything from building a small local school that imparts free education, to a center where needy woman can come learn a hobby and earn something out of it. Support this cause with donations and help from friends and family. You won't get money, but experience of starting and completing a project on your own will look great on your resume later.
Now that you know these fun summer jobs, you can zero in on one that will benefit you the most.