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How to Get a Forklift Certification

Kundan Pandey
In any warehouse or factory, hundreds of forklifts maneuver to complete various tasks. To ensure workplace safety, forklift certifications are absolutely important. Here is some more information about the same.
Occupational hazards are one of the major issues that warehouses, industries, factories and construction sites plan to deal before time. Since workplace safety must be the top priority of work areas where there is risk of accidents, there are numerous safety certifications authorized by federal bodies.
In US, every year, there are a number of accidents in warehouses that can be prevented if trained forklift operators are at work. Hence, getting a forklift certification is an essential requirement for anyone who wishes to increase the chances of getting employed in similar construction sites.

Obtaining Forklift Certification

It is commendable to get adequate training so that one is able to learn to operate forklift safely. A forklift certification is awarded after the candidate completes a formal education and training period. Almost all companies that own or operate forklift have been advised by local and national safety organizations to train forklift operators.
Given the numerous types of forklifts and major differences in their functioning, it is surely a great step to train forklift trainers. One of the prominent bodies in the US, that promotes certification for forklift is OSHA, or the Occupational Safety Health Administration.
There are stiff penalties imposed on employers who're unable to provide proper forklift operator safety training to new employees. Needless to say, a legitimate forklift certification card is helpful for both, the company and the employee.
For an employee, getting proper training makes him or her more comfortable with the working of a heavy machinery and for the company significant resources in the form of men and money can be saved, by averting any accidents, that occur due to poor training or no training, at all.
To obtain relevant certifications, one can join a forklift certification training school. Generally, such training schools have been established by manufactures of forklifts, so that skilled man force is available to operate such heavy machinery.
As a forklift driver in a training school, one has to go through rigorous training sessions. During forklift operator training, one is made to learn to operate various types of forklifts, numerous forklift safety tips and several written and practical tests.
A candidate who successfully completes the training period gets forklift certification card, that is valid for two or three years. In case, you're joining a warehouse or a factory, with no formal experience of forklift training, you'll be provided training by the on site manager of the warehouse or the project manager.
Nowadays, there are numerous online forklift certification programs that can be done by candidates who wish to learn about theoretical aspects of forklift training. Although, an online training can't be equated to practical training, sometimes it can be fruitful to learn basic theories of forklift.
Since OSHA monitors employers on their safety standards in warehouses and similar working areas, employers hardly take any risk in recruiting untrained people.
One of the biggest benefits of certifications for companies is that they can avoid the money spent on litigation and penalties in case a reckless or poorly trained employee causes severe accident during working. When joining a training program of some forklift driving school, ensure that their programs are audited and certified by OSHA.
As urbanization has become the reality of life, the profession of forklift operators have become more challenging. Imagine driving a heavy forklift machinery in a compact area where even pedestrians walk frequently. Even a slight wrong movement can result in loss of lives.
Hence, it is important to understand that certification is not something which only ensures a successful career as forklift driver. It is more of a responsibility of the employer and employee to get specific skills, to safeguard lives and property.
Lastly, free forklift certification and training is provided by companies who hire you specifically as freshers and then train you. Various training institutes charge some fees for giving you forklift training. A relevant certification also gives you an opportunity to command better employment opportunities, as employers look for certified forklift drivers.