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Flight Attendant Job Description

Charlie S
Flight attendants are one of the most dynamic professionals in the aviation industry. In this story, let us know more about their job description in detail.
We all are pretty excited whenever we get the opportunity to travel by air. Though air journeys are full of fun, comfort, and are the best ways to save those precious hours of our life, air safety is a factor which we cannot ignore. A flight attendant has to ensure that all security and safety regulations are followed in the course of the air journey.
The rise in incomes of people have resulted in growth in air traffic across the globe and this led to the boom in the aviation industry. Sure, rising fuel prices and high debt levels of companies are a matter of concern, but the future looks bright with sales volumes increasing consistently.
As a result of this growth, the flight attendant salary has seen a steady rise over the years. Before knowing its details, let us first acquaint ourselves with the job description in the next section.

Duties of a Flight Attendant

  • Flight attendants are responsible for passenger safety during air travel.
  • They have to attend the briefing from captains and commanders in which vital things related to safety and travel are discussed.
  • Their actual task begins when the passengers board the airplane.
  • Flight attendants are expected to greet passengers and check tickets.
  • They make sure that people get seated in their places and are comfortable.
  • Special precaution is taken during take off and landing by repetitive instructions.
  • Flight attendants have the responsibility of keeping first aid kits and other essentials in good/working condition to deal with any kind of emergencies in the course of the journey.
  • They also make sure that the passengers will get food, blankets and beverages in the flight.
  • Providing pillows and reading material is also essential for the comfort of the passengers.
  • They also make important announcements and answer questions about the flight.
  • They have to keep their cool even in tense situations and avoid a situation of commotion and panic on the flight.
  • They are also known to demonstrate various safety procedures.

Requirements to Become One

  • You need to complete your training from a reputed training institute.
  • Make sure that the institute has government backing and accreditation to get good jobs after completing your course.
  • The course for flight attendant training is rigorous with focus on practicals, theory and lessons in language, personality development, and personal grooming.
  • Getting the FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency is a must for all budding flight attendants.
  • Initially, you can get a job as a trainee on probation with an airline.
  • After your probation period is over, you can work full-time.
  • Work hours are long for most flight attendants. Many of them are on flights for around sixty five to eighty hours of the week.
  • Communication skills, interpersonal skills, presence of mind, logical thinking ability, good vision are all necessary to make a mark in this field along with diploma/degree in aviation field.
The median salary for this profession is around $44,000 per year as per job market surveys conducted by many people. Most flight attendants have salaries between $30,000 to $52,000 per year. Senior flight attendants can expect to make in excess of $60,000 per year.