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Five Jobs That Offer Career Advancement Opportunities

The possibility of advancing one's professional career is something that everyone should look for when applying at a new company.
Paisley Hansen
The potential for career advancement is often overlooked when seeking employment. But as markets become more saturated, it's increasingly important to position yourself at a company that will open up doors for your professional career rather than have you work at the same position for years until you eventually retire or burn out, whichever comes first.
Whether you're fresh out of college or someone who has left his/her job in search of a new industry, here are five jobs that offer plenty of career advancement opportunities.

Tax Manager

Coming in as top one of Glassdoor's list of jobs with the strongest career advancement opportunities is a tax manager. With the average base salary of $112,021 per year, tax managers are responsible for preparing and reviewing income tax filings for wealthy clientele, trusts, and commercial groups.
Tax managers are knowledgeable of the various tax regulations surrounding different financial situations, such as inheritances and gifts, estate taxes, etc. To work as a tax manager, you'll need to have a CPA license as well as a minimum of four years of relevant work experience.

Data Scientist

You can't talk about jobs with high demand and career advancement opportunities without at least talking about one tech-related job. Data scientists seem to be one of the more lucrative tech gigs out there, with a Glassdoor rating of 3.9 and a median annual salary of $110,160.
As big data continues to grow and impact business operations, more and more data scientists are employed to help extract useful and actionable points from these large chunks of information. While there are many self-taught data scientists out there today, it helps to have a degree in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field of study.

Traffic Monitor

Another tech-related job that offers the potential to move up the ladder is in traffic monitor. This position pertains to traffic that your business' marketing channels/campaigns draw in. As a traffic operator, your responsibility is to make sure that all output from account services are directed to its respective internal departments within the business.
Traffic monitors can advance into a managerial position, in which case they are appointed the task of keeping everyone on track to meet project deadlines, managing logistics, and communicating with all departments and teams involved.

Software Engineer

Software engineers have become widely popular, especially within the millennial labor force. Jobs in this industry pay very well, both in terms of annual base salary and stock options. Most companies have a ladder especially structured for engineers, such as level I, II, and III.
The longer you stay at a tech company, like Google or Amazon, the further up the ladder you climb. And of course, this means better compensation and more involvement in larger scale operations.

Sales Associate

If you have a knack for talking to people and is looking for career advancement opportunities in the near future, a sales associate/assistant position can satisfy both requirements. The great thing about being a sales associate is that your skills can be applied to every industry or business out there, regardless of the product offerings or company size.
And while the compensation for entry-level sales associates is not as appealing as that of a tech job's, you can make a lot more money once you advance to a sales manager role wherein you start managing accounts of your own.
The possibility of advancing one's professional career is something that everyone should look for. This is important not only to make more money and earn better perks, but also to grow your expertise and skill set within the realm of practice you've chosen to pursue. Bear in mind that these are only a few job prospects rated highly for advancement potential.