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Federal Employee Benefits

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Federal employee benefits are some of the best, and can be compared to the pay packages in the corporate world. Besides a good pay, an employee is offered several benefits in insurance, health, holidays, leaves, etc.
Being an employee of the federal government means an excellent pay package, along with a number of benefits that extend to the employees' family as well. There are health benefits, insurance programs, savings plan, social security benefits, etc. On top of that, there are group insurance programs, besides discounts which can be availed of.
These programs are not only for the individual employee, but also for the family, and they take care of the health care needs long after the individual has retired from the service. There are a wide range of benefits which you can choose if you have a government job, and some of them are mentioned here.

Group Benefits

Employees of the federal government can choose to be a part of Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance program, which provides life insurance cover to employees. The scheme was first introduced in 1954, and is considered one of the largest group insurance programs in the world, as it covers not only the individual employee but also his/her family members.
All employees are automatically covered under this program, and the deductions towards this insurance cover are made at the source, unless of course you choose to discontinue the program. There are several other optional insurance programs which you can choose.

Health Benefits

There would be an open season, usually in the month of November and December, wherein you can enroll and choose vision, dental, and health insurance (which comes under Federal Employee Health Benefits Program) for the year. It's necessary to take a look at the options available and what is on offer, as the benefits may change.
So, a review would give you an idea of the kind of insurance coverage which suits you the best. Moreover, by choosing new options, you can save in taxes. If you don't enroll, you will still be covered, but then you may not be eligible for new benefits which may be on offer.

Federal Employee Benefits Program

The federal government has enacted the Federal Employees Retirement System, wherein employees who have retired are covered. There are three sources for this type of retirement plan - Thrift Savings Plan, Social Security Plan, and Basic Benefit Plan.
If you opt for this scheme, you need to pay a particular amount, which is deducted from your salary towards Basic Benefit Plan and Social Security Plan. Besides you, the department in which you work also pays a part towards this scheme. After your retirement, the accumulated money is used to pay you a certain amount each month for the rest of your life.
Other than all the retirement, insurance, and health care benefits, there are leaves which you can avail of. As per the policy, you can avail of 13, 20, or 26 days of vacation leaves every year, which depends on the number of years you have worked.
Additionally, you can avail of paid holidays numbering 10, besides 13 sick leaves a year. Moreover, you are also entitled to Recruitment Bonus, Employee Assistance Programs, Relocation Bonus, Retention Allowances, Student Loan Repayment, Employee Development, Long Term Care Insurance Programs, etc.

Benefits for Dental Care

An employee of the federal government can avail of dental benefits either inclusive of other benefits which come under Federal Employee Health Benefits Program or individually. This scheme is available, not only to the current employees, but also to retired ones.
This scheme can be availed of in groups, and as such, the premium rates are relatively lower. You need to enroll for this scheme when the open season takes place. The best part is that, it's not only the employees who can avail of this scheme, the beneficiaries and family members are also eligible.


Other than the mentioned benefits, employees can avail of discounts in accommodation and other services. There are several companies like telecom, computer or car rental, which offer services at a discounted rate. If you think of a vacation, you can avail of discounts offered by the federal government. But, these discounts vary as per the position you hold.
The benefits mentioned here is not the whole range of aid that is available, there are many more. You need to get in touch with your respective departments, or you can go through the personnel management department, and see the whole range of welfare measures available.