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Fastest Growing Careers 2020

Charlie S
10 fastest growing careers of 2020 for students!
Taking career decisions in the right way is important for all of us. Many times, students are not fully aware of the various career options before them and they end up making the wrong career choice, without much thinking. The fastest growing careers in 2020 are from different sectors of various industries. Here's a look at some such careers.


The chances for growth in the field of hospitality are tremendous. This industry is presently offering tremendous career options in various sub-sectors such as club management, airline catering, restaurants, travel and tourism.
There is a huge demand for specialist chefs globally and it is only going to increase day by day, with this sector spreading across leaps and bounds. There are no limits to the growth for multi cuisine experts.

Health Care

Nursing is flourishing with each passing day, in various parts of the world. Several multi specialty hospitals are coming up and nursing is no longer restricted to simply assisting surgeries and looking after patients, like in the older days.
Advancements in the field of medicine and health care have given birth to new specialties in this field. There has always been a global shortage of nurses. Biomedical engineering is another sector in health care, flooded with growth opportunities.

Merchant Navy

If you are looking for a career that is thrilling and simultaneously offers growth, Merchant Navy is just the right career for you. The wide horizon of jobs that this field offers is simply amazing.
Merchant Navy jobs also top the list of the highest paying jobs in the world. Some of the jobs in the Merchant Navy, having a tremendous global demand are those of steward, cook, motorman, fitter, electrician, electronics and telecommunications engineer and mechanical engineer.

Oil, Petroleum & Natural Gas

The present global scenario for these perishable resources is not a secret to the world anymore. This critical sector offers jobs with incredible growth prospects in its sub-sectors such as mining, engineering, research as well as sales.
You can reach new and greater horizons, but you have to spend a considerable amount of time in this field in order to grow and prosper. Chemical, petroleum and petrochemical engineers have a good chance to enter this sector.

Information Technology

IT is undoubtedly the fastest growth-offering industry. Technologies such as cloud computing, big data, network security and business intelligence are booming. Web development and Android and iOS application development are also far ahead in the race.
Digital marketing has created a revolution, which is in turn producing excellent job opportunities for qualified aspirants.
We will now take a look at certain departments that offer you lucrative packages and excellent growth prospects:


Today, for the business to prosper, marketing of their product or service is compulsory. Since it generates a major portion of the revenue that a company earns, marketing is the most critical department for any industry. Most successful companies spend a lot of time, efforts and money on marketing their products. This sector is only going to grow in future.

Sales & Service

Sales and service is another highly crucial field for most manufacturing companies, especially in the engineering domain. The customer will buy a new product from you only when you provide good after-sales services for their existing products.
Like marketing, this job is very challenging since it is target-oriented and has tremendous growth opportunities. Higher positions in sales and service jobs, such as Regional / Area Sales Manager, offer handsome salaries.

Business Analysis

A business analyst is a career that offers excellent growth opportunities as well as lucrative salaries to qualified aspirants. A business analyst designs business processes, analyzes and redefines the present trends and finally integrates these with technology. In many cases, strategic planning for an organization is also left up to a business analyst.

Legal Advisory

None of the reputed organizations in the world want to get stuck in legal complications. Hence, they hire a team of the finest legal advisers that they can get and obviously pay them handsomely to retain them.
Legal advisers get lucrative salaries, however the job involves a high risk and important responsibilities. This job undoubtedly offers tremendous growth opportunities and is also among the most reputed careers of the world.

Financial Advisory

Financial advisers are usually experts of accounts, law and insurance. This is definitely the most promising career when it comes to professional as well as monitory growth. However, to achieve this, you at least need to have a bachelor's degree in commerce and finance as well as Law.
Financial management is a worthy alternative to this field if experience is a factor that is coming in your way.
All these careers are high-paying ones and can offer a good long-time career. In order to make a mark for yourself, you will need to have the aptitude, keen interest and determination to succeed. So, think over all these points and take the right career decision.