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Facilities Manager Job Description

Kundan Pandey
Management of an office or an organization is a complete failure, if the employees are not comfortable. The job description of a facilities manager includes tasks that provide services to companies and large commercial organizations.
As of this century, management is the buzz word. Effective resource management - manpower, money, material, and time differentiates the winner from the loser in the business world.
As infrastructure has boomed in many countries, and there have been establishment of large commercial buildings, shopping malls, and schools, the need of effective managers to cater numerous demands of such organizations have also increased.

Job Description

While the core aspect of business of an organization is managed by the employer and his management team, there are numerous external factors that also need effective management. For instance, the administration work, right from ensuring hygienic and healthy work environment to catering and space management, everything is supervised by a facilities manager.
It is a task that requires excellent administrative and interpersonal skills. Since there are diverse roles and numerous responsibilities of facilities manager, their job varies significantly.
Facilities manager are key players in managing day-to-day operation of an office or an organization, shopping malls, schools, real estate, technical services, and commercial establishments.

Domain of Work

A facilities manager can work in variety of set ups. The domain of his work is majorly in these areas:
  • Contract Management Works
  • Infrastructure/Building Management
  • Office Cleaning
  • Catering Works/Food Catering Services
  • Health and Workplace Safety
  • Security Issues
  • Communications Infrastructure Management
  • Space Management
Since there are various responsibilities in this job, each depends upon the field one is employed with. All information is true for all the following job descriptions, namely:
  • Facilities Operations Manager Job Description
  • Facilities Project Manager
  • Facilities Maintenance manager
  • Church Facilities Manager
  • Office Facilities Manager
  • Hotel Facilities Manager

Job of a Generalized Facilities Manager

The job description of a facilities manager comprises activities and duties that mainly focus on providing effective services, as per the needs of the company. Facilities managers have to coordinate and work in tandem with the management of a firm on issues related to effective office management.
This requires facilities manager to be very good communicators so that they can present their approach of work to higher authorities. If a facilities manager is working in a church, he has to adhere to rules and regulations as prescribed by the clergyman.
A facilities manager supervises the tasks related to electrical and water supply; cleaning and security; catering and work safety methods. He ensures that employees work in a comfortable environment, devoid of any sort of discomforts at work.
A facilities manager also ensures that office furniture and infrastructure is managed effectively and any fault or malfunctioning is repaired timely. As a facilities manager, one has to recruit staff members and office boys for numerous purposes.
Depending on the availability of office spaces, a facilities manager has to effectively manage placing of office furniture and make adequate arrangements for employees to sit and work comfortably. For maintaining the office building or the work area, facilities managers have to work toward allocating specific budget to the maintenance task annually.

Skill Sets and Educational Qualifications

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Must be a Team Player
  • Good Negotiation Skills
  • Understanding of Building Operations
  • Diploma/Degree in Building Management/Administrative Support
  • Work Experience is Always Preferred.
  • Strong Professional Contacts at Work.
This job is all about administering and looking after the management of a work area. By hiring facilities manager, companies are able to focus on their core task, thereby boosting their efficiency to higher levels.