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Exit Interview Questions

Stephen Rampur
While leaving a particular job, you may have come across typical exit interview questions, asked by the appropriate authorities. Here are some examples.
In the corporate world, there are many type of interviews that one may have to face. Normally, there are technical interviews, personal interviews, HR interviews, promotion interviews, exit interviews, and so on.
In order to make your career in the business industry, you need to have a basic knowledge about these common interviews. Just like a job interview while joining an organization, you may also need to give an exit interview when leaving your job for a career change.

What is an Exit Interview?

As the name portrays, an exit interview is one that is conducted when an employee leaves the job for any reason. The main purpose of this interview is to gather feedback from the employee with regards to working experience, work atmosphere, and anything that can be done to better the prospects for retaining current workers.
The interview can be either carried out face to face, on the phone, or just using paper and pencil forms. This interview is not conducted by anyone from the top management, but middle level management such as the HR or admin executive. This is to make sure that the employee provides true feedback and communicates clearly.
You may have consciously made up your mind, about leaving the job, which gives you the benefit of honestly answering all the questions that are thrown at you.

Common Exit Interview Questions

  • Could you explain to me what actually prodded you to take the decision of leaving the company?
  • What other reasons that affected your career goals would contributed to your decision?
  • What do you think we should have done to prevent you from leaving this career opportunity?
  • Apart from the reason for resigning, are you satisfied with the career you've had with us until now?
  • What do you think, about the company's policies in all aspects?
  • What suggestions would you give to the management and administration to preclude such form of occurrences in the future?
  • By what means do you think the company should have employed to enable you to use your capabilities and skills to the fullest?
  • Can you give an opinion regarding communication in the company?
  • Do you have any recommendations for aspects like working hours, shifts, breaks, working conditions, amenities, employee incentive schemes, and employee benefits?
  • Do you consider job stress and workload to be an issue in the company or your practice?
  • At any point in your career with us, did you come across incidents concerning any form of discrimination or workplace harassment?
  • Will you think about taking the resignation back if we try to make things better?
  • In case you get a chance to work in other practices of the organization, would you be happy in doing so?
  • Were you satisfied about the way the management supervised and took decisions?
  • Will you recommend working with this company to any of your friends?
  • Can you suggest someone who can be a good replacement for your position?
  • Would you be interested in working with this company sometime in the near future?
  • What did you most or least like about our organization?
  • Do you have any other things that you would like to say which can be beneficial for us?
Be it the HR associate or the departing employee, it is always beneficial to know about exit interview questions and answers. One of the first and most common questions for interns is how their experience was during the training period. You need to note that an exit interview can also be declined if you do not wish to participate.
One of the most important tips is to be clear about your answers in a professional manner; but just make sure you do not blame or abuse the company.