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A List of Exciting Careers

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Have you completed your education? Are you looking for a good career opportunity? This article provides you a list of exciting careers that are there to stay and provide you with a good future.
Students are always on a lookout for exciting careers, and there are very few careers in this world which provide excitement, job security, handsome pay package, professional satisfaction and opportunities to grow in that field.
What is the right job for me? Where can I find a career that satisfies all my needs? These questions haunt the minds of students and young professionals alike. In the last couple of years, lots of people have lost their jobs due to recession. People today want a career that is recession proof, has a long shelf life and offers ample chances of growth in it.

Most Exciting Careers

Video Game Tester

The video gaming industry is a $60 billion enterprise of the entertainment world. Also, known as one of the most creative jobs in the world, this profession is best suited for people who live in the world of video games. A video game tester analyzes video games for software errors and ensures quality control.
A game tester works for the company who designs and develops video games, they are paid to review and test the final game products. Becoming a game tester is not an easy task. An individual should have an eagle's eye to detect bugs and small errors in the game. People who are creative and also possess computing skills, are best suited for this job.
Awareness about the development process of a game is also very helpful. A game tester's average income including salary, bonus and profir sharing can range between $19,370 - $61,823 per year. This profession can earn one an average yearly total pay of $37,366.


A job of a psychiatrist is challenging and at the same time is also very noble. Psychiatrists diagnose and treat people with mental disorders. This job is for people who are interested in medicine and are fascinated with the power of human mind.
People today feel unhappy and incomplete despite having everything, and often suffer from mental or emotional breakdown. Psychiatrists treat and help people who suffer from anxiety, mental retardation or unusual behavior. To become a psychiatrist, students need to have a Bachelor's Degree after which they can join a medical school.
After completing required education, a year of internship needs to be completed. After that, a 3 year psychiatric training is mandatory to get a license as a certified psychiatrist. It's a great career that pays well.
An entry-level psychiatrist in the United States can earn about $183,000 a year which may go up to an average total compensation of about $227,000 with an experience of about 20 years. On an average, a psychiatrist can earn around $211,000.

Commercial Pilot

Becoming a pilot is a dream job for many. Pilots navigate planes from one destination to another. A pilot gets to see a variety of places and meet people from all walks of life. People who fantasize about flying should surely give this career a chance. An applicant should be above 18 years to get a valid flying license and should have a sound mind and body.
While a degree in science could prove quite helpful, being a pilot doesn't really require a degree. The most important thing to have is related training experience from an accredited flying school. A commercial pilot earns an average salary of $65,770 per year. It is an exciting career that pays well but also demands a lot of hours.

Scuba Diving

It is considered as one of the most fun-filled career of today's generation. It may be a lifetime opportunity for someone but for some it's a daily job. This job is for people who love swimming or want to be close to the shore.
Scuba divers work and explore the marine world on a daily basis. They work in all types of water bodies such as lakes, seas and oceans. However, there is more than this exciting career offers. Scuba divers also work as diving instructors, treasure hunters, oil workers, underwater photographers and dangerous material divers.
This job provides a great career, a chance to travel places, earn a fat pay check and also learn a lot about the underwater world. Interested students can enroll for courses offered by universities and undergo training. Depending upon the experience; a  scuba diver's salary ranges between $29,087 and $67,392 per year.

Fashion Model

The world of modeling fascinates millions of people around the world. The glamor, lifestyle, flashes of lights; the whole idea is just spellbinding. People who love fashion, clothes and the spotlight should definitely try this career.
It is important to remember that a professional model needs to have a perfect body and looks. There are many grooming institutes and also many talent hunts are organized on TV, which serve as an entry pass for budding model. To be successful in this industry it is important to have good public relation skills to make new contacts and grab some assignments.
Depending on experience, photographic models get around $8.39 to $104 per day. Models employed by fashion houses get $24,392 to $111,502 per year. An yearly average pay for a fashion model is $50,000 per year.

Food Critic

This job is best suited for people who love food. Food critic try out different types of food. This is a job which pays people just for eating and criticizing. Food critics rate food and wine tasters enjoy some of the finest wines in the world. Eating different recipes and giving a review about it is the most important part of a food critic's job profile.
Food critics also try a variety of cuisines and travel all around the world to rate them. It is important that food critics are updated regarding food nutrition and facts about different cuisines. Having a brief idea about restaurant business can also help.
As most food critics publish their reviews it is important that he/she should also have good verbal and written communication skills. Since women know food best, being a food critic or a wine taster are among the best options as exciting careers for women. A food critic's salary ranges from $49,000 to $64,000 per year.

Dance Instructor

This job is suited for people who can move swiftly on the dance floor, have great teaching abilities and don't mind getting close to people of the opposite sex. It obviously takes a fair amount of time to perfect those dance moves.
This creative career works even better for instructors who are specialists in a particular dance form. Depending on experience, dance instructors earn anywhere around $10.37 to $38.29; $20.55 being an average for hourly sessions. Most instructors prefer opening up a studio, but this takes a lot of years of hard work and dedication.
So, here was the list of fascinating careers that pay well. If your interests match with the options mentioned here; then step up and start working on your dreams.
Disclaimer: The ranges of a salary/income mentioned in this write-up are based on the reports by www.salary.com. The ranges may change depending upon the year, the employee and/or the location/city/state/nation or you would want to work.