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Event Manager Job Description

Rujuta Borkar
The following story will let you in on the duties and responsibilities that an event manager takes up. Along with that, some other important details regarding the nature of the job and the varied other aspects associated with this profession will also be provided for in this story.
If you need any more details about the same, continue reading the following story ...
Let's start off with a really, really simple example to help you understand the nature of this job better. Say your friends from school have decided to meet up and they've asked you to arrange for all the required things.
So you start off with finding out how many friends are coming, then making inquiries about where you'll will meet up, what are the activities that you'll will do and so on and so forth. In short, there's a whole lot of things that you have to take up when it comes to planning any event, no matter how much of a small or large-scale it is on.
One has to, of course, also undertake the cancellations or last minute changes and the accommodating of the same that is required to be carried through. This is exactly what an event manager does day in and day out. The job description of an event manager will mainly involve organizing and conducting events.
These could either be on an independent basis, as in the company is a private company or a particular company has an event section and there is a person in charge - thus he works exclusively on projects that have to be arranged for that company.
In this following story we will look through some of the duties that an event manager will take up and the varied other aspects of this job.

Job Description of an Event Planner

Skills Required

An event manager, you might think, has one of the most fun jobs in the world. What with all the social events, the ability to make anything come through to the end, give it a glamorous turn when required and more of where that came from. But...if you really think about it, it's not a job that is always about the fun, drinks and money.
It is mostly about a lot of hard work, organization skills, the ability to work under stress and take last minute decisions. Not as easy as it sounds, is it?

Types of Event Managers

One has to also understand that the duties of an event manager will change depending on the kind of event that is being handled. In that way, there are different types of managers who will plan and organize events ranging from weddings, corporate events, fundraising and more.
The duties of which will be molded depending on the type of event that it is. But the basic nature of the job remains the same and in that way, an event manager's job will have the same vein running, no matter what the event.

Basic Duties and Responsibility

Here are some main duties that an event manager job description involves.
  • Understanding the basic needs and requirements of the clients by talking to them. The event will have to be arranged depending on this one.
  • Making a budget and getting the same approved by the clients.
Basic arrangements of accommodation, transport, food, entertainment, etc. This then involves having a knowledge of the main hotels, vehicle companies and caterers to understand what they have to offer. Discussing the basic schemes and discounts that they can offer and the like.
  • They have to be a link between the clients and the managers of the varied workforce. This involves negotiating prices as well as any other special requests that have to be fulfilled.
  • They have to supervise the work and solve any problems that the workforce might face.
  • They have to plan in advance and keep several options open so that in case there are last minute changes, they can be handled well enough.
These are some of the main duties that he will undertake and have to carry through well enough.

Event Manager Salary

The event planner salary is a factor which is completely dependent on the nature and the scale of the job at hand. That is why the salary of an event manager cannot really be pegged down to a particular figure. But the average salary range falls somewhere between US $ 75,000-US $ 90,000 (approximately) per annum.
P.S. - Please note that this figure will change depending on the type and nature of the job.

Event Manager Resume

A basic understanding of this job will have given you an idea of whether your interest in this field can translate into a job. If your interest has carried through and you want to take up a job in this field, then it is a must to have some basic experience in event management and planning.
Even though there is no specialized education or a degree required to take up jobs in this field, it always helps to have a backing of a part-time course or diploma. But more than that, related experience in this field is what counts.
If one does not have any experience whatsoever, then one can try working under an established event planner first. For this one will have to send a resume along with an event manager cover letter that specifies your experience, basic education and any related work that has been handled. Sending the same to different event management companies, or even independent planners will open up more avenues for you and up your chances of getting a job or an internship.
That is what an event manager will do day in and day out. As is clear, an event planner job description is a very demanding job that expects one to have a lot of dedication, patience and skills to make a success of the job at hand.
If the thrill that this job offers is attractive for you, and you are sure that you can carry through the job till the end, then make a go at it. Why not.