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Esthetician Job Description

Kundan Pandey
The job of an esthetician involves a wide range of activities that include personality grooming, skin care, and other work related to the physical appearance of the client. Here is some detailed information about this profession.
The personal care and beauty industry has shown tremendous progress in the past few decades. In the United States, skin care and personality grooming has become a norm for everyone. And why not, an imposing personality always creates an everlasting impression on others.

Job Summary

Basically, the job of an esthetician is a mixed profile of various other jobs in this field. This is why the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) categorizes this profession under the profile of barbers, cosmetologists, and other personal appearance workers.
They are licensed professionals having expertise in the services related to skin care and appearance.
The most important aspect of their work is that they cleanse the skin and perform skin treatments which could be manual or with the help of a machine. Besides, various other types of cosmetic procedures like waxing and hair removal are also a part of their scope.
In addition, they are also expected to manage the salon or skin care facility and maintain hygiene. Some estheticians who own skin care clinics or private practices are involved in the managerial duties of hiring, supervising, and guiding the workers.
Some other duties include performing non-medical skin procedures on clients and help them improve their beauty and appearance. This job requires excellent communication skills, as there is frequent interaction with customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performing facial treatments, waxing, hair removal, skin treatments, and also applying makeup for special occasions.
  • Advising clients on beauty products as per their skin type and color.
  • Referring a client to the concerned dermatologist for further advanced treatment, especially in case of skin disorders.
  • Teaching clients about correct makeup application techniques and skin care regimens.
  • Assisting the staff in work related to the spa/skin care center, as requested by the management.
  • Handling guests and looking after their needs and concerns.

Skills and Requirements

One must have completed a diploma or certification course in cosmetology or another related field to make a career in this domain. Nowadays, there are many vocational schools that offer these courses. Their duration may be from six months to two years.
This job requires a license. An aspirant must take the licensing exam conducted by the state cosmetology board. The individual can gain work experience by working under a licensed practitioner in a clinic or spa.
Many estheticians work part-time in salons and skin care units. They are generally taught the basics of chemistry, anatomy, and sciences related to skin care. Since some of them are also involved in selling beauty products, they are taught basics of marketing and client handling skills.
The job requires completing treatments within time, flexibility of working on weekends or late hours if needed, and good communication skills. The salary range is usually between USD 17,385 and USD 56,192 per annum, and depends on the work experience one has in this industry.
The career prospects in this domain are bright due to the increase in number of spas and skin care clinics in recent years. With more work experience, one can move on to work with some of the elite skin care facilities which pay well. So, if you enjoy working on people's physical appearance, you have a great opportunity to make a career in this field.