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How to Get an Entry-level Helicopter Pilot Job

Charlie S
To become a helicopter pilot, you need to undergo training which is expensive, and also have to pass tests to secure a license.
Helicopter pilot jobs have always been one of the most coveted airline jobs. Generally, it takes some time for the career to grow. This is because, most private employers prefer to have experienced candidates. So, the solution for success in this field is getting entry-level jobs for that much-needed experience.

How to get it?

  • You need to complete the helicopter pilot training program from accredited and reputed training schools.
  • In order to become a helicopter pilot, you will need a valid license and hence, knowledge of the license requirements is essential.
  • At most places, the minimum age requirement for applying for a license is 17 years.
  • In some parts of the world, it can be 18 or 19 years too.
  • For the safety of people in the helicopter, it is a must for the pilot to have a good vision to determine risks in advance. Therefore, it is essential to have a 20/40 vision in both eyes to get the license.
  • Aspiring pilots also need to clear a written test, personal interview, and flying test to get absorbed as entry-level officers in reputed organizations.
  • The written test will require you to attempt multiple choice questions in about two hours time.
  • Sometimes, negative marking system is used to select the best candidates.
  • This test will judge how sound your mathematical, analytical, and problem solving skills are, and your knowledge of basic concepts of aviation mechanics.
  • Language skills are also a must and they are also tested in the entrance test.
  • To work as a professional, you need to complete the minimum flying hours along with a flight instructor and in the solo format.
  • Training is expensive and hence, if requied, you will have to arrange for funds by taking bank loans which are in most cases, readily available.

What is the Salary?

The salaries for entry-level jobs are less than those offered for senior pilots and commanders, yet are attractive as compared to several other professions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics' May 2018 figures, median annual wage for these professionals is USD 88,240 and the highest wage earned them is around USD 160,480 annually.
Most entry-level pilots earn around USD 30,000 per year and the pay grows with experience. The salay depends on various factors and it differs according to the industry and domain.