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Entry-level Government Job Opportunities

Scholasticus K
For many, a government job is stable and more attractive in comparison to the corporate job. Fulfillment of certain essentials makes one eligible for good entry-level government jobs.
Government jobs are attractive, and there are numerous entry-level vacancies. An entry-level job is a standard entry point for most of the government services.

The Jobs

There are four principal places, where you can zero down upon such jobs. Firstly, the Federal government and its agencies, secondly, the state governments and their agencies, thirdly, the local governments, which can be anywhere in the US, and lastly you can also approach an autonomous agency, which may include government-owned companies.
Short-Term Positions
There are some initiatives that have been launched and sustained by the Federal and state governments to recruit good people in the government offices. For starters, there are some positions with no experience needed such as the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP), which is a part-time work program.
Some other part-time and summer programs include, Pathways Internship Program, Federal Career Intern Program, and the Presidential Management Fellows Program for college and school students, and even for graduates who have just passed out. These are chief mass recruitment programs for short tenure.
The government offers full-scale positions to those, who have completed their education. The educational qualifications range from GS-1 to 12. The comprehensive key to this grading system as well as the job opportunities from all over the US have been enlisted on usajobs.gov, which is an official government website.
The job opportunities can be for any position and they include technicians, accountants, and even engineers. The career growth is also good and its pace is decided by your performance.
There are also several part-time and full-time work opportunities for apprentices, cooperatives, scholarship holders, fellowship holders, grant holders and, even interns. For details, you will need to visit the aforementioned website.
These job opportunities principally involve day-to-day execution of tasks and in several cases, it also involves taking decisions on a case-by-case basis. Please do not mistake these tasks to be minor and insignificant, as your every move contributes to the working of a mammoth pyramid that is your nation's government.
Diverse and Full-Time Positions
There are some positions that are a bit tough and can keep you busy all the time. These jobs require a lot of thinking, and an ability to execute and take decisions under enormous pressure is a must; after all, you shall be affecting the society very deeply and directly.
The first one is of course the creation of Woodrow Wilson, i.e., the modern bureaucracy. As a bureaucrat, you shall be deeply involved in decision-making, surveying, analyzing, executing, and supervising all the activities that come under the domain of public administration. You shall be making the society a better place to live in.
The job of public administration is very tough and the qualifying exam is also not easy. The second job invlolves the armed forces, which is also very difficult but it's also a prestigious career opportunity.
The third suggestion is of entering the legal system. This is the longest career path that you can possibly take, as you will first have to get a law degree, pass the bar exam, and then practice successfully for some years, before you become a Judge or a Public Attorney.
The fourth option is entering the police force. Another option you can consider is that of diplomacy, which is the toughest and longest of all.