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Entry-Level Engineering Jobs

Kundan Pandey
Senior and middle level designations in an organization are given only after substantial work experience. Same is true in engineering field. Information on entry-level jobs in the engineering sector has been mentioned here.
Finally, you have graduated as an engineer and you are ecstatic that you are now going to enter in your aspired profession. Engineering, by far, is the most diversified sector and since the last few decades, it has been one of the most sought after careers!
Growing economies, computer revolution, infrastructure projects and industrial developments around the globe have led to an unprecedented increase in job requirements for several types of engineers.The new jobs are those in which candidates who have just graduated from their studies and are seeking out for jobs, are hired.
Since there are numerous fields in engineering, there are innumerable career opportunities for entry-level engineers. Infrastructure firms, chemical factories and software companies among various other engineering firms hire freshers and then train them according to their industrial requirements.

Engineering Jobs at the Entry-Level

Electronics, electronics & telecommunications, aerospace, chemical, mechanical, computer science and civil engineering are some of the popular branches of engineering.
With advancements in every branch, various sub-branches evolved with time. Environmental, metallurgical and material science engineering are some other specialized branches of engineering.

Chemical Engineering

The scope and extent of jobs in chemical engineering have drastically increased in recent years. The need of greenhouse gas reduction and alarming levels of global warming rate have compelled chemical plants to follow norms set up by governments.
Skilled chemical engineers are in great demand and if you have graduated in chemical engineering, there are various job openings in the chemical factories and other chemical industries.

Electronic Engineering

With the invention of transistors in the 60s - 70s, the era of electronics began.
Since then transistors, small integrated circuits, large-scale integrated circuits (LSI) and very large-scale integrated circuits (VLSI) have become an integral part of our computer systems.
Graduates in electronics can work in research companies where they have to develop electronic chips and other processors. Some graduates move on to take higher degrees in electronic engineering so that they can be more apt for research.

Computer Engineering

With the advent of computers and Internet, computer engineering has blossomed to become an amazing profession.
Software programming, software development, hardware engineering and software testing have become some starting level jobs for computer engineers. IT jobs have definitely been the most sought after jobs since the last two decades.
Besides these jobs, here are some other ones that you can focus upon:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Consumer Products Engineer
  • Plastics Engineer
  • Automotive Designs
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Production Design Engineer
  • Geo-technical Engineer
  • Satellite Engineer
  • Industrial Engineers

Finding Entry-Level Jobs

There is always a demand of skilled engineers in the industry. Generally, your college placement cell will help you in getting placements depending on your performance in aptitude tests and interview conducted by the hiring team. If you have been part of internships during your graduation years, then that may help you to impress your prospective recruiters.
Besides that, you can apply online to various companies. While work experience is not an issue for entry-level jobs, you have to ensure that your academic records and other credentials are consistently good throughout your graduation years.
These were some of the jobs that students pursuing engineering generally opt for. Robotics engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology engineering and genetic engineering are some other developing engineering fields that are opening new opportunities for employment.
If you are an engineering graduate, ensure that you give your best to get placed in a firm as that will give you a strong platform for a great career.