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Electronic Technician Salary

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
The average salary range of an electronic technician falls between USD 30,300 and USD 71,400. However, the actual pay scale is decided based on certain aspects, including size of the organization, educational qualification, and experience of the candidate.
Whichever technician you mention, it is a respectable job that requires advanced skills in a specific field. An electronic technician is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing (if required) electronic equipment for the particular organization with which he/she is currently working.
In a production company, the technician usually works under the direction of electronic engineers. Let's take a look at the salary of these professionals, as well as the responsibilities they shoulder.

Job Description

The job description varies according to the employment field. For example, a bench electronic technician assembles and troubleshoots related devices in a work bench, while a field job requires servicing and repairing off-site electronic equipment. As a computer technician, you may need to deal with computer and IT (Information Technology) maintenance.
With experience and expertise, you can get promoted to a senior post. The job profile then changes to test the company's products and perform extensive research in identifying any drawbacks, and come up with innovative ideas to improve them.
Generally speaking, an electronic technician of any grade should be thorough with device user manuals, able to test the equipment, and also, capable to detect problems and troubleshoot them. In short, the technician is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the electronic items and systems.


Similar to any other occupation, the average salary largely depends on the background and experience of the employee. A prospective candidate should have high school graduation (preferably a technical degree) and diploma or approved training courses in the relative field.
For candidates interested in the computer or IT department, the employer may ask for additional certifications and licenses. Needless to say, experienced candidates having work expertise in electronics assemblage, maintenance, and repair will get a higher pay scale than freshmen.
In the present day, an electronic technician having less than one year to 4 years of experience will earn somewhere between USD 25,790 and USD 58,200; whereas more than 5-year experienced candidates are eligible to earn as much as USD 69,000 per annum.
Applicants who have worked for 10 years or more can expect a yearly salary package of in the range of USD 35,500 and USD 75,000. Thus, salary range increases with increased expertise in the field. Also, the size of the organization and employee credentials affect the pay scale.
Electronic technicians are employed in both private and public corporations. One can even work as a freelance contractor, with or without affiliation to a repair company. In case you are electronic savvy and have a passion for solving problems, then this career option may be the right alternative for you.
Apart from the technical skills, you should be fit and energetic to meet the physical demands (if any), such as climbing ladders, going underground into vaults, or handling heavy items needed for installation or repairing purposes.
Thus, the salary is really impressive. It will remain as a demanding profession in future. A career decision is not be taken lightly. Along with the salary, consider the risks involved in working as an electronic technician. Talk to people working in the same field and ask their views about the work to decide whether this is the right job for you or not.