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Easy-to-Get Jobs

Stephen Rampur
Though it seems like a pipe dream, there exist high-paying, easy-to-get jobs that do give substantial and useful work experience as well as cash. Some of them are enlisted here.
People who look out for easy-to-get jobs are normally those who have taken a break from their primary career and want to try another field for a while, or perhaps college students who need to work on a temporary part-time basis, those who have been laid off from their jobs, or even those who are facing a financial problem in their lives.
As in today's economic condition, there are very few jobs out there in the market. And even if you fetch yourself a job, you will in no way be paid better. However, there are some jobs that are very easy to get. The main advantage of these temporary jobs is that if you do not like one, you can shift to the other.
Moreover, you also get a significant amount of practical work experience. In order to get hired for doing an easy to get job, you simply require good written and verbal communication skills, negotiation skills, persuasive capabilities, and similar other general qualities.

Bank Teller

If you have an interest in the banking sector, a job as a bank teller is most suitable, and also easy to get. In order to be employed as a bank teller, you need to have a good command over math, and written and verbal communication.
If you are being educated in the banking and financial sector, this is probably the best banking jobs that you can opt for at present. After working as a teller in a bank, there are chances of promotions as a head teller or even an assistant manager. As a bank teller, you may receive a pay of approximately USD 9 to USD 15 per hour.

Sales/Marketing/Telemarketing Executive

Even in times of recession, the marketing sector is flooding with jobs. Marketing is a process that cannot be stopped, and hence, the jobs are always available.
If you have good verbal communication, negotiation, and persuasive skills; you are suitable for a post of a marketing executive. You can get a good amount of work experience and incentives by working as a door-to-door seller.
If you do not want the field-work oriented marketing job, you surely can choose a telemarketing. A telemarketer usually gets a pay of around USD 8 to USD 15 for each hour, excluding the incentives.

Customer Service/Support Executive

Working as a customer service and support executive is a good option for people who have good communication and problem solving skills. The job includes listening to the queries of the customers of your employer and assisting them in what services they require. This job is very easy to get and you can get an hourly pay of about USD 9 to USD 19.

Debt Collector

A job as a debt collector is another job from the banking and finance industry. As a debt collector, you will have to communicate with customers who have not paid their dues and debts.
This job requires good verbal communication and persuasive skills. It is a plus point, if you have previous work experience of working in the customer service industry. For being hired on this job, it is better if you have a fair knowledge of the debt collection laws and regulations.

Insurance Agent

A job as an insurance agent is also one of the easy to get jobs. For carrying out this job, you need to have a basic understating of how the insurance sector operates.
There are many insurance agencies that are searching for good individuals who can sell their policies and services. Along with the basic pay, you may also get commission as per your performance in the selling of the policies. Typically, the pay of an insurance agent is somewhere around USD 10 to USD 20 per hour plus the incentives.

Retail Sales Executive

Those thinking of jobs easily available can consider to work as a retail sales executive in a store. As you look around in the retail industry, you will find many jobs in that sector.
You will have to put your communication and your negotiation skills into practice for this job. The pay ranges from USD 8 to USD 15 for a retail sales associate. There are many other jobs in the retail sector that you can choose from.
These are just a few of the easy to get jobs. For being hired for these jobs, you would normally need to possess a high school diploma.