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Easy Money-making Ideas

Medha Godbole
Who does not want to earn money through simple ways? Try these easy money-making ideas, in case your pockets are not weighed down by a few bucks.
Ron, a bright lad studying in a high school, was woefully short of cash. He borrowed money a couple of times from his friends, but after that he felt too ashamed to ask anyone. Finally, one day, he decided that he had to do something, how long would he keep borrowing money from his friends? After hunting for jobs for a few days, he ended up with a job.
This might have been the case with quite a few college students and people. But the point here is what could have been the options in front of so many others like Ron? You just need to think about it, and you will come across several ideas that can help you earn a buck or two.

For Kids

1. Selling Lemonade

Selling lemonade can surely bring a good amount. It will accumulate over a period of time, and on the very first day, you may not even earn $4 to 5, but keep at it kiddos! Make sure your lemonade stand is prominent and bright, so that you can attract passersby.

2. Bake Cookies

See if your mother would help you bake some cookies and other comparatively easy-to-make bakery items. Make the cakes as colorful and attractive as you can. Akin to your lemonade stand, make the stall catchy, so that the people passing by stop for a bite.

3. Art and Media

Well, do you see a future BBC or NY Times journalist, or Picasso or Joe Satriani in your kid? Well, a great idea would be to channelize and hone the artistic skills of your kid.
For instance, if the kid is good at painting, maybe you can set up an exhibition in a town hall, or at any convenient place, with all his/her beautiful paintings. This will build the kid's confidence, and would also help in taking the talent of the kid to the next level.

4. Gardening

Old neighbors with a messy garden are a blessing in disguise. Obviously, being old, the neighbors would not mind getting some help to maintain their garden. A kid from the 5th/6th grade can easily be of good help.
What's more, he/she does not even need to take a lot of risk, and the world could get a splendid botanist in the future if the child is driven by interest.
Time now to give a break to child's play and move on to the elder lot.

For College Students

1. Part-time Jobs

Part-time jobs! Yes, they are the easiest way to earn money when you are in college. It can be anything from working in a business process outsourcing venture to working in a fast food joint. Experience of the big bad world out there as well as some bucks to live by.

2. Tutoring

People who score less in some subjects (when you are the top scorer) can prove to be an advantage for you. One of the best ideas to make some money out of this would be to act as a tutor to that student, who is weak in the subject, in which you are really good at.
What say? You earn money, and at the same time, you get better at what you have learned.

3. Catering

This is mostly for girls, but guys can try their hand at it, as well. If you think you have a fetish and a knack for cooking, and people close to you think that you are good at it, cash in on it.
Consider catering as an option for getting a few well-earned bucks. Plus, you also get the satisfaction of making people happy.

4. Yard Sale

Have too much of junk and you want to get rid of it. Why not have a yard sale? Setting up a yard sale is another good option.
It is always nice to get rid of the unwanted things and junk in the house and free space. The only condition is that the yard sale signs should be catchy, and the pricing should be cleverly set.
Apart from these, college students can make money doing a lot of things; one just needs to put the thinking cap on. You may be wondering if this is it. But that is not at all the case. There are a host of other ideas to add to this list; you can baby-sit, walk a dog, make money online, and do loads of other things.