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Easy Jobs to Get Hired

Aastha Dogra
Looking for some easy jobs to get hired? Enlisted here are some of the best paying jobs for people with little or no qualifications and work experience. Read on...
Whether you are a teenager who is looking for an easy job to earn those extra bucks for his pocket-money, or an adult who has got laid off from his job due to recession and is searching for a temporary job to make quick money, part-time jobs, such as the ones listed here, will surely meet your purpose.
At most, these jobs require a high school diploma, making them quite easy to get by. So, simply scroll down and have a look at these jobs.


This is one of the easiest jobs to get hired. Your work will involve calling up prospective customers and selling them the products and services of the company. Most probably you will get paid on an hourly basis. The average salary for telemarketing jobs can be anywhere between $10 to $12 per hour.


On the Internet, you will find many websites looking for quality content writers who can write on topics such as food, travel, sports, relationships, health and fashion. If your English is good and you are creative, apply to be a content writer.

Online Survey

An easy job that pays well is doing online surveys. Benefits of this are you do not need any degree, work experience or a credit card to take up this online job.
Online surveys are conducted by companies as a market research tool to check how their products and services are faring among the customers. Once you register with them, all you have to do is to fill up the information that is asked in the survey form and get paid in return!


If you have been good at studies in your school, then you can consider starting your own coaching classes at home. With both parents working these days, you can offer to help out their children with homework.

Customer Service Assistant

You can look for career opportunities in departmental stores or hotels and restaurants. For doing this job, you need to possess a good personality as well as a friendly, helping disposition. In a store, your work will be to help the customers take their buying decisions.
In restaurants, you will need to tell the customers about the menu, suggest them a few dishes, take their order and then finally serve them food. The salary for customer service jobs can be anywhere between $8 to $18 per hour.

Household Services

If you are looking for easy to get jobs which require no qualification, offer your services as a cleaner, gardener, cook, baby-sitter, etc. to households. By offering such services, you can expect to get paid quite well on hourly basis.

Bank Teller

To become a bank teller, you need a high school diploma to start with. You should be good at mathematics, written as well as spoken English. You can expect to get paid anywhere up to $15 per hour for this banking job. If you are ready to put in the effort, you can even think of making it a long-term career.
Although, to get promoted as an assistant manager or a branch manager, you will need some additional qualification and in some cases, a college degree.
Look for advertisements in newspapers or you may even contact the stores, restaurants or people in the neighborhood to check if they need someone to work for them. If you are a student, besides quick money, these temporary jobs will help in providing you some good, practical work experience as well as prepare you for the future.