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Easy Jobs that Pay Well

Aastha Dogra
We suggest some easy jobs that actually pay decently, for all teenagers who believe in earning while learning. Have a look and take your pick.
Teens today do not like the idea of being totally dependent on their parents for their financial needs. They like to earn money themselves so that they have enough to go to a place of their choice or to buy a designer outfit which they saw on a mannequin in an upmarket showroom, or even to save some money for college.
Part-time jobs is what most teens look for to make those extra bucks. So, if you are someone who wants to know about some easy jobs that pay well, here are a few of them which would best serve your needs.


Teaching is a well paying and easy job for college students, provided they have been good at academics and enjoy the company of children.
If you ask your friends, family or neighbors who have small children in school, you will find that many have a requirement for a teacher who can help them with their homework. So, if English and math are your forte, consider tutoring as a part-time job.


Are you someone who is good at handling computers or TVs? If you enjoy this kind of work, you will be surprised to know that people are actually willing to pay up for minor jobs like installing the Internet on their PC, downloading an anti-virus scanner, etc.
You can make money by taking up such tasks, and the best part is, if you do your work well, some people may even refer you to their friends and family, which will help you to find some more work.


Another job that pays well is writing. If you are creative and have a good command over language, there are opportunities galore for you as a writer.
For instance, you can consider becoming a content writer. Search on the Internet and you will find numerous websites looking for quality content writers who can write on topics like fashion, sports, food, etc. You can even check with your local newspaper and magazine, and find out whether they have a requirement for freelance writers.


With both partners working, almost all couples today feel a need for a responsible and caring babysitter.
If these qualities describe you, then talk to your family, friends, or neighbors whether they have a requirement for a babysitter. Besides good money, another benefit of this job is that, when the child is asleep, you will have enough time to do your homework!

Gardening, Cleaning and other Household Services

If you have always been helping your parents in various household jobs, why not offer these services to a neighbor, albeit in lieu of some salary.
So you can offer to do jobs such as window cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, gardening including mowing, watering the plants, pruning, weeding, etc., and earn enough money in the process.

Internet Jobs

If you have knowledge of graphic designing, you can look for jobs on the Internet. There are many companies who would pay you for designing logos.
Some other online jobs that you can consider are data entry jobs and online surveys. Online surveys are perhaps the easiest way to earn money. All you have to do is fill the survey form, which is prepared by market research companies to assess a product's viability in the market, and get money in return.

Restaurant/ Departmental Stores Jobs

Working as a customer service assistant in a departmental store or a restaurant is a good idea.
By taking up these jobs, you will get an opportunity to interact with a host of customers on a daily basis. To add to the fun, these are very easy to get jobs, as restaurants and stores are always looking for teens to work as customer assistants, delivery boys, helpers, and cashiers.