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Easy Jobs that Make a Lot of Money

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
'High pay and less work', a contemporary variation to 'all play and no work', is the trend today. With an increasing preference towards shedding the need to impress others, you will find people unabashedly and explicitly soliciting suggestions for easy jobs that make a lot of money!
So you're one of those who belong to the ever-increasing tribe of people willing to earn an honest month's pay for an honest day's work, don't you? Oh come on! What else brings you to this page? It's okay. There's nothing to be ashamed of wanting to have it easy at work and yet earn some big bucks.
You see, 80% of the population thinks that way but only about 20% out of that 80% are honest enough to admit it and a mere 10% out of that 20% admit it out loud and look for ways to strike a balance between the two deadly sins of sloth and greed!
Well, now that you've come here looking for information on easy jobs that make a lot of money, that is exactly what you'll get. Read right ahead to get enlightened!

What are Some Jobs That Make a Lot of Money?

Jokes apart, many of these so-called easy jobs that pay well need a lot of soft skills that are not adequately covered by mainstream academics and vocational courses. When we say easy jobs, we don't mean that these jobs do not require a hard work, competent mental faculties or planning and organizing skills.
In fact, once you go through the given list, you'll find out that most of these jobs do require a lot of planning, organizing and resource management talents.

Letting Out Space

Oh no, don't let your mind stray towards outer space! By renting out space, we mean renting out living, commercial space or parking space. If you have any of these spaces to spare, then you could make some really easy money renting them out.
You won't have much trouble getting interested parties as there is always a lot of demand for real estate rentals. So, while you stay glued to your television set, the rents keep rolling in on each due date! While this ain't really a job, it qualifies as a lucrative source of income and can serve as a part-time job that makes a lot of money......EXTRA money!

Website Designing and Management

If you're a computer freak and have a penchant for designing, animation and computer graphics, this could be a fun job which allows you to pursue your hobby and you end up getting paid handsomely for it.
Depending upon your terms of employment (full-time, contractual, etc.), you can make anywhere between $30,216 to $79,582 a year!

Bibliophilia Pays

Not all libraries look for a library sciences or library management degree/diploma in employees. Many libraries hire students and individuals with good resource planning and management skills and are good at running and organizing operations.
Besides, if reading is your first love, what could be better than spending a good part of each day of your life among books? Besides, the pay, which can vary between $28,626 and $69,365 per annum doesn't look too bad!

Toll Booth Collector

If you don't mind sitting in a tightly packed space all day long doing nearly nothing and getting up only a few times in the entire day, then this could be a lucrative occupation that also does not require any specific education or professional skill.
You can earn anywhere between $19,477 - $50,222 per year; $28,966 being an average against investing a limited of time of yours and oodles of patience. This one definitely tops the list of easy careers that pay well!

Become a Human Guinea Pig

That's not a superhero profile. But if you've got guts and are not scared of needles and medical surroundings; register yourself for medical testing and get paid for being the subject of experimental and clinical tests and trials.
All you need to have for this job is a healthy body, a sane mind and a drugs-free record. This can earn you about $40 for trying a new medicine; to $15,000 for sleeping in bed as a medical subject for institutes related to space science technology like NASA!

Log in to Mint Cash

These days, there is no dearth of online jobs that you can enroll for. These jobs do not require to leave the comfort of your home and go out to work everyday!
From data entry, copywriting to opening accounts and conducting market research, you can choose from a variety of profiles. Depending upon your type of work, you can make anywhere between $34,987 - $65,909 a year!

Personal Trainer

If fitness is your religion and the gym is your temple, then there could be nothing better for you than to become a personal trainer.
You can get paid as much as $92,614 a year for doing what you anyway do for a good part of your time - workout! Definitely one of the most fun jobs that make a lot of money, considering you're paid to pursue your passion!
Some other professional profiles that can qualify as easy jobs that are highly lucrative:-
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Trash Collector
  • Professional Photographer
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Fashion Counselor
  • Cartoon Artist
  • Freelance Columnist
  • Research Executive
  • Professional Athlete
  • Secretary
  • Truck Driver
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Beautician
  • Tour Guide
When you go through these lists, you'll find that most of these are stress free jobs that pay well because they either require the employed person to do very little or is a profile which is either an individual hobby or passion.
When a hobby becomes lucrative, you can't really call it work, right? Besides, a few of these jobs such as that of a trash collector, tour guide or toll booth collector doesn't even require any specific academic qualification.