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Easy Jobs for Teenagers

Leena Palande
Information on easy jobs for teenagers, which pay well but require little work, is presented in this story. Leaf through the story to know about easy jobs for teens, the jobs with weekends off and a lot of vacation time....
By now, most teenagers must have started looking for easy jobs that pay well and also allow for a lot of vacation time. Summers are approaching fast and kids have a good chance of earning handsome amount of money by doing some interesting activities for a few hours of the day.

Easy Jobs for Teenagers that Make a Lot of Money

Online Jobs: In this technically advanced world, online jobs are best for teenagers. Most teenagers are busy in Internet surfing as they are looking for summer jobs. Internet savvy teenagers can earn decently if they opt for well-paid online surveys.
Copy-writing and data entry work are also some of the most popular ways of earning with a home computer. You can work for as many hours as you want. Online application is an easy way to get a job and most of them are free (with no fee for registration).
Blogging: Students with some writing skills can earn handsome money by blogging. Create your blog, make it attractive with available tools and blog about a particular topic.
Using some optimization techniques that are available on the Internet get your blog noticed, thereby leading to decent opportunity to earn well. If you write well, there are chances that you can start earning a handsome amount of money in the future.
Telemarketing: This type of job involves calling up potential customers and selling them products and services of the company. If you have good communication skills, you can earn anywhere between $8 to $10 per hour.
Tutoring: If you are good at studies in your school, and if you have a flair for teaching then you can start tutoring students or friends at home. If one or two of your friends join you, you can teach different subjects and help students with homework.
Household Services: A teenager can offer his/her services as a cleaner, gardener, cook, baby-sitter, etc. to households. If you love pets, taking care of pets for a few hours can be an enjoyable activity for you. You can help an elderly neighbor with household or outdoor activities like shopping, visiting a doctor, etc.
If you have a driving license, you can work as a driver. You can start your own pick-up and drop service to airport or to some tourist spot in your city. You can work as an assistant to a mechanic in a garage. You can offer painting services to your neighbors or friends.
Customer Care Assistants: Teenagers with good personality and a friendly, helping disposition can work part-time or full-time in departmental stores, shops, supermarkets, florists, clinics, hotels and restaurants. Salary would be anywhere between $8 to $13 per hour. Working in a library, at a toll booth, can be considered as good paying jobs.
Hobbies that Help You Earn: Playing musical instruments, dancing in live concerts can help you earn a lot. Easy jobs for teenagers that pay a lot include working as a tour guide, freelance columnist, freelance photographer, beautician, dog trainer, yoga instructor, swimming trainer, etc. You can work as a massage therapist, hair stylist, make-up artist, physical instructor, etc.
Garage Sale: You can arrange a garage or yard sale or you can rent out your parking space for such sales. You can sell clothes, vegetables, gift articles, fresh food items, anything...If you and your friends are interested in crafts, you can easily sell some handmade exclusive items, or glass paintings, designer clothes, ceramic vases, etc.
Trash Collector: You can work as a trash collector. Such type of jobs are actually available throughout the year. I know, nobody dreams of being a trash collector, but when it comes to earning money, you have to look for jobs that don't require any degree or specialization. You can also participate in cleanliness rallies, arranged for creating awareness amongst people.
Seasonal Jobs: As summer is the season for tourists, you can easily get a job at amusement parks, national parks, museums, resorts, summer camps, etc. You can work as a receptionist or assistant.
Information on summer jobs for high school students is always available at the placement cells. Numerous types of easy jobs are available for teenagers, in each city. You should just decide what kind of job you would prefer. Your hard-earned money will give you immense satisfaction and a new perspective towards life.