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Easy Jobs for College Students

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Isn't it great to finance your expenses yourself and get a hang of professionalism while still in college? Here are some easy jobs for college students that can help you incorporate the values of self-sufficiency and gather professional experience even before you graduate.
The race of life becomes faster and the track gets dirtier with each new generation and, true to Uncle Darwin's canon, only the fittest survive! In order to survive in the urban jungle, you not only need to be physically fit but also need to be on the sharp lookout for opportunities to further your social and professional progress.
Indeed, these days, people who create opportunities are seen to outstrip those who are just on the lookout of it! The earlier in life you realize this, the better you are mentally equipped to face the challenges of life and build a future for yourself. Nowadays, even high school students are found doing part-time jobs in exchange of pecuniary consideration!
Here is a list of easy jobs for college students which you may consider for yourself and your friends. Most of these jobs can be in line with your academic specializations or interests, enabling you to get a hands on experience of your line of study and aspired professional field!

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Easiest Job Options for College Students

Computer Lab Assistant:

If you're the computer geek, here's good news for you! If you're good with basic hardware and are at ease when it comes to troubleshooting computer related issues, you can land this job right at your very own campus computer lab!
Besides helping fellow students, you get a lot of downtime to catch up on your studies and you don't even have to shuffle between two places as your workplace and campus are the same! Don't you think this is one of the best jobs that college students can apply for? Besides, if you're really good at it, the pay is good as well!

IT Support:

If you're an IT expert, this could be a great job to put your knowledge to practical application! Many companies hire freelance IT support professionals and the pay is about $20 per hour on an average.
If you're really good, they might even offer you a permanent position after college! Also, paid internships for college students are available in this field. Besides the industrial exposure and contacts you gain, think of the wonderful edge it will give your resume when applying for full-time employment!

Bank Teller:

You will get a hands on experience in handling the two critical Cs of banking business - cash and customers! The working hours are good, the pay is somewhere between $10 to $20 per hour and the experience is priceless. Also, this is a great summer employment for college students. Need we mention how it will pump value to your resume?

Fitness Trainer:

Okay, so you're the campus fitness freak - why not use this passion to mint some moolah for yourself and use your spare time wisely?
Aerobics and fitness trainer jobs are some easy employment options for teens and tweens and you can land a job at your campus fitness center itself! The average pay is about $18 per hour!


Besides being easy-to-get jobs, it is very interesting as you meet a lot of different kinds of people. The tip is great and you get a hands on experience of personal marketing in the service industry. Think about it and you'll realize this is true!

Library Assistant:

Good news for the bibliophiles and persons who have a good sense of organization! Library assitant is among the top easy jobs suitable for college students.
This job hones your skills of organizing by exposing you to activities like sorting, shelving and keeping record of books and also gives you time to study while you work. Even if your campus library is not hiring at the moment, check all local public libraries to see if they require people like you. The pay is between $10 to $11 per hour on an average.

Desk Attendant:

If you have a knack for regulation and monitoring activities, this is an easy job for college students like you and you can apply for it in any organization. If you're eying a career in the hospitality industry, a hotel desk clerk job is a wonderful option. It will give you an insight into your chosen industry besides adding plumes to your resume!


This job may seem a bit boring (how much can you talk throughout the day??), these positions are easily available and are good short-term money-making options. It is a very popular temporary job that college students may consider.

Admin. Assistant:

These jobs involve great responsibility and require a lot of seriousness and attention towards detail. This is one of the most high paying jobs for college students and the average pay is around $15 per hour!

Child Care:

A great option for girls, babysitting is one of the oldest part-time jobs and comes handy when other opportunities turn their back on you. The average hourly pay may range between $10 to $13.

Online Writing:

Got a knack for writing? Have a good command over English (or any native or regional language)? If your answer is "yes" to both these questions then you should definitely consider online writing.
This profile may involve creation, editing or updation of all sorts of content on the Internet, from writing informative articles on pedagogical matters and technical or scientific subjects to publishing creative articles on tourism and vacation destinations.
A lot of companies and enterprises require online content developers for upgrading their websites. Software companies and IT service providers require qualified technical writers for drafting project proposals that are sent to their clients. A lot of these profiles accept college students with a good grasp over English and a flair for writing with clarity.
You may even land some freelance online writing projects where you can work from home. These projects are usually on a contract basis and payment is usually made on completion of the project, based upon the terms of the contract.
Your earnings could range anywhere between $34,000 and $66,000 per annum, depending upon your previous experience and vocational training in this field. Also, full-time content writers are likely to make more money than part-time writers.
These are some job ideas which can get you decent bucks to take you through college and give you hands on work experience. Enrolling for summer volunteer programs for college students is a good way of gaining hands on experience too.
For socially sensitive individuals, there are a lot of summer camp jobs for which aim at making a difference in the lives of the under-privileged. Create opportunity for yourself while still in college to reap richer dividends when you graduate. After all, a fledgling cannot become a bird overnight - it must learn HOW TO fly before spreading wings TO fly!