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Easy Jobs for 16-Year-Olds

Kashmira Lad
Finding a perfect job for teens may not always seem an easy task. This compilation of easy jobs for 16-year-olds gives options that teens can enjoy, rather than looking at it as a mundane chore.
Teenage years are amongst the best years in one's life. These are the years when kids go through the transition phase. They learn to socialize and know about responsibilities as well. Teenage years are therefore, a time to have fun, but with a sense of responsibility.
Earning pocket money is one of the major issues teens face during their growing up years. For some, it is a matter of learning while earning, whereas for others it is mainly to manage their expenses. Well, no matter what, there are certain jobs for teenagers that do teach a lot. This is useful for one's professional life.
16-year-olds are at that stage when they are about to prepare for higher studies, but need to earn and learn at the same time. They should, however, be able to handle their studies along with a job.
The following are some job options that are not too taxing, but will help teenagers understand the value of money, along with inculcating a few good habits, like punctuality and responsibility.

Gardening and Mowing

Gardening and lawn care is one easy and interesting job for teens, especially for those with a green thumb. A general look through the neighborhood will throw up many opportunities.
In this fast-paced life, there are many people who would surely love added help around the garden. Weeding, sprucing, or even mowing lawns will fetch a reasonable amount of money and keep one amidst the greens.

Caring for Pets

An animal lover will love such a job and will definitely find it easy.
One can look up friends and contacts and find families who need someone to look after their pets when they are out of town. Sometimes, busy families may not even have time to take their dog for a walk. In that case, an interested teen can step into the picture and help the owners. Parents can help make flyers or post ads in local newspapers.

Working in a Grocery Shop

Teens who prefer to have fixed hours of work in one location can opt to work at grocery shops.
There are many branded outlets where help is needed to assist customers while shopping and also help them manage their bundle of goods. This job would require interaction with the customers. It is suitable for teens that have the gift of the gab.

Working from Home

Teens can work from home and make use of their abilities. Teens inclined towards design can opt to freelance with advertising firms.
Here, one can find many options such as designing of logos, or even web-related assignments. Teens who love to write can opt to blog or write articles for the web. These part-time or online jobs can generate a decent amount of money, and also keep the creativity flowing.

Being a Volunteer

Teens can opt to volunteer with many organizations that need help. This can be relative to any field.
Perhaps an event manager may need young boys or girls for promotion of road shows. Or maybe a pizza outlet may need youngsters for advertising purposes. Teens need to find these options and volunteer to be able to bag a job they will really enjoy.
These jobs will surely help teens to learn the ropes about the professional life at an early age. At the same time it will not hamper with studies. So, have fun whilst you work, and set on the stepping-stone towards success.