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Easy Careers for Women

Aastha Dogra
Here are some easy jobs and career options suggested for women, who have decided to make their personal life a priority at the moment, but at the same time want a steady inflow of income. Read on...
Despite the talk about women's liberation and equality, if you check the ground reality, you will see that it is always women who end up doing most of the housework and taking care of children. Sometimes, women themselves, especially after having kids, may change their thought and want to take things slow professionally to devote time to their families.
At the same time, they do not want to be a burden on their husband and want to maintain their financial independence. Easy careers for women such as the ones suggested here, can be taken up by those who want no or lesser professional stress, so that they can pay more attention to their family life.

Online Writing

For those who have a command over language, online writing is a good career option. To carry on this work, a woman only needs a computer and an Internet connection.
Online writing jobs can be carried out from the convenience of one's home itself. The timings are flexible and a woman gets to write on a variety of topics, in case she takes up content writing for websites. Resume writing, technical writing, copywriting- these days there is a huge variety of online writing jobs to choose from.


One of the best jobs for pregnant women is to do telemarketing. This is an in office job which means that it is not physically tiring.
The job entails calling up the potential customers of a company, telling them about the product/service offerings and making a sale. Some telemarketing jobs can even be carried out from home.


Most women like to dress themselves up. By taking up a profession in the beauty industry, they get to do what they enjoy i.e. dress and style others. To become a hairstylist, a course on the same is necessary to acquire the skills.
Initially, to gain experience they need to work in a salon under an established professional in this field. Later, women can start their own salons. Some states require one to clear an exam and get a license before starting on with this profession. Coloring, waving, perming, straightening, braiding and many other hair techniques come under hair styling.


Although, teaching is not exactly an easy job, still for those who are good at handling children, this can be a good experience. Those who have the required education and license for teaching, can take up teaching at a school.
Those without a degree but good grasp of subjects like science, maths and English, can start home tuition.

Interior Designing

Another job that pays well is to become an interior designer. Women generally have a knack of making the interiors of a home beautiful.
To build on this talent, a short course on the same would do wonders. One can take up freelance assignments of doing up people's home. Word of mouth is the best publicity for such a work and much-needed to get new assignments.

Internet Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best careers for women who are looking for something to do from their home. To start this business, a woman has to register herself with an Internet affiliate marketing program.
She will need to start, operate, maintain and update her own website. The online seller, through this program, will place the advertisements of his product and service offerings on this website.
After this, depending upon the profit-sharing arrangement, the woman will get paid either when a potential customer clicks on these advertisements and goes to the seller's site, or when an actual sale happens through a customer who has visited the online seller through the website.
After a few initial hitches, most Internet affiliate marketing businesses offer a good earning potential.
The career options mentioned here are well paid, offer flexible timings and some of them can be carried on by the woman from the convenience of her home itself.
Pregnant women, stay at home moms and young female students, who can take out even four-five hours a day out of their schedule, can make a huge success with these jobs, provided they are willing to work hard and are serious about retaining a professional life!