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Early Childhood Educator Job Description

Rujuta Borkar
An early childhood educator's job is one that is full of responsibility. In the following story we will look through some of the duties and responsibilities of this profession and help you understand the intricacies of the same.
For having the knowledge that your child is being taken care of. That his education and mental abilities are being guided through with expertise. To know that your child's growth is in safe hands. That is the dream that any parent will have. In that direction, an early childhood educator does exactly that.
This profession includes taking care of the mental, physical and emotional growth of children that fall in the age group of infancy to 8 years. This is handled in a classroom setting. While educating a child takes up the main focus, caring for the child in the absence of his parents or guardians is also one of the main duties of an early childhood educator.

Job Description

This profession is one that includes a lot of responsibilities because it needs one to provide and help develop a base for every child through early childhood education. The tasks that he/she undertakes have to be done with sincerity, knowing fully well that this is going to have a lasting effect on the child's future and further development.
  • A childhood educator has to be patient, encouraging and possess the ability to care for young children.
  • They have to interact with children on a daily basis and have the skills to handle them. In the sense that they need to possess the capacity to handle children of different natures.
  • He interacts with parents as well and helps them be a part of the child's progress. For example if there are any exercises that have to be taken up at home or helping the child with some thing.
  • He develops several activities of varied natures that help in developing the child's abilities. These activities have to be prepared in such a way that they help a child learn better.
  • He guides, encourages and corrects the children while they undertake the varied activities that have been developed for them.
  • He has to constantly be aware of the newest developments in the education field and try and inculcate the same in the syllabus.
  • He has to include not just textbooks for knowledge but other equipment as well which will help children develop brain power. For this he finds several innovative ways like films, activity books, videos, drawings as well as computers.
  • He has to make sure that the environment that the children are working in is safe and promotes the learning process in all forms.
  • Other than providing for basic education, the job of an early childhood educator also includes promoting basic skills like social skills as well. 
  • Story telling is also taken as one of the most effective ways of teaching certain skills and values and that is why possessing the ability to be able to be a good storyteller is also an essential part of an early childhood educator's job description.
  • He must possess excellent communication skills as well so that he is able to handle the students of different temperaments and connect to each of them.
  • He has to ensure that all the activities that are undertaken have to be able to lead to emotional, physical and mental growth of the child.
  • These are done through varied means like group activities and games. Developing skills and etiquette like sharing, good manners, personal hygiene and the like is done through songs and dance. Similarly puzzles, dough/clay and other materials are used for developing mental abilities.
  • He has to be able to observe and zero in upon any learning disabilities that any child might possess.
  • In case of any learning or behavioral problems of the child, he has to inform the parents about the same and help develop a program to help the child through their problems.
  • They have to provide a report of the child's progress to the parents from time to time.
  • They have to be able to develop newer programs and teaching methods that will help the child's progress.
These are some of the most important duties that an early child educator will perform. This comprehensive list will have given you a brief understanding of the kind of responsibility that an early educator is expected to undertake.


It is also important to know the kind of salary figures that this profession can earn a person. This becomes an important factor that guides the decision of whether the career can be taken up or not.
The salary range falls in the category of US $ 40,000 - US $ 50,000 (Approximately). This factor is guided by several other factors as well, like the kind of education that has been undertaken, the type of job and duties that have to be fulfilled, the city of the job, the seniority of the post and the years of experience as well.
An early childhood educator is one of the most basic and important elements of childhood education. Hope this story has helped you understand this profession a little more and helped you in making the decision of whether a career in childhood education can be taken up or not.