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Dump Truck Driver Job Description

Charlie S
Truck driving can certainly be a viable career option and if you are able to become a dump truck driver, then you would be able to earn a much better salary. This Story will give you vital information what this job entails.
Truck driving, as a career, is not as easy as it sounds. The truck driver has a huge responsibility of carrying essential materials (which can be very costly at times) from one place to another. Of course, they need excellent driving skills and these skills can be acquired only after professional training.
Dump truck drivers are required in various industries or work sites to carry off or remove unwanted materials, and transport them to the required places. Given in the next section is a detailed dump truck drive job description.

Material Transportation

Some of the common materials transported by dump truck drivers are sand, rocks, dirt, coal, gravel. The job basically involves transportation of above-mentioned materials and hence, it is imperative that he has excellent driving abilities.
In case a driver is not skilled, then the chances of accidents and damage to materials and vehicle are more. Since these drivers will be driving large sized vehicles, having a commercial driving license CDL Class B license is mandatory. So, the first step is to get a license, as employers would be keen on hiring licensed professional drivers only.

Loading the Truck

The job of a dump truck driver not only includes transporting materials, but also loading the truck by lifting these materials. Many times, these drivers are trained to use machines to load trucks. Dump drivers have to travel with the materials for long hours and work for odd hours of the day.
So, being physically fit and the ability to work continuously at a stretch is a must for dump drivers. Also, driving a truck is far more different and difficult than driving small vehicles. So, having quick reflexes and excellent vision is a must to pursue this profession.

On-Time Material Delivery

Being aware of the delivery schedule is also an integral part of the job description of a dump truck driver. The consumers need to clear the materials from a particular place and this can happen only if the truck drivers are punctual and aware of their responsibility. Drivers may have to deliver materials unexpectedly in case of emergencies.

Safety Regulations

A dump truck driver needs to comply by the safety regulations to ensure that materials are delivered in the best possible form to the consumers. For this, he needs to undergo training from a reputed institute. A short course in driving will ideally, cover all lessons and skills which will help drivers perform their best at work.

Vehicle Maintenance

The job also involves taking efforts to keep the vehicle clean and reporting any problems to the mechanic for immediate repair. These truck drivers can carry out small repairing tasks on their own. By undertaking these tasks themselves, unnecessary delay in delivery of materials, due to vehicle problems, can be avoided.

Maintaining Good Driving Record

Truck drivers need to have an excellent driving record or history to get employment. Also, they should be aware of proper driving techniques, traffic rules to avoid getting into legal hassles like court cases or license suspension.
Readiness to work at any hour, presence of mind, good stamina and good communication and logical thinking skills are the qualities required for a dump truck drivers.
If you have a passion for driving heavy vehicles and have high energy levels, then this would be the ideal job for you.