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Dressing for an Interview

Marlene Alphonse
You are expecting a call from a company and are wondering how to dress for the scheduled interview. Given here are a few tips, for both, men and women on how you can dress appropriately for the interview.
It is said that a person is judged by the clothes he wears. Appropriate clothing for any particular setting will make you stand out in a crowd. The right attitude, skills, and experience are some important criteria required to achieve success in a job interview. 
Another important aspect that must be taken into consideration is the interview attire. When you go for a job interview, the first thing that the interviewer will notice about you (whether you like it or not) is your attire. Your attire will speak volumes about your attitude and personality.
The first impression of a person is important, especially in an interview. No matter how efficiently or quickly you answer the questions, if you aren't dressed properly for the interview, you may fail to make an impression on your future employers, and all your efforts will go futile. The right dress and attitude may just as well earn you your dream job.

For the Men ...

  • The most important thing to be kept in mind is that your clothes fit you properly. Avoid loose fitting and faded clothes.
  • Your shoes should be comfortable and match your clothes. Make sure that they are not ill-fitting, or it may lead to you feeling uncomfortable--which is clearly noticeable and may create a bad impression on the interviewer.
  • Dress formally for an interview. It actually pays if you learn about the dress code of the company where the interview will be held.
  • Wear a dark gray, navy or black suit, a light shirt (white or light blue), with a sober matching tie with diagonal lines or small patterns. Avoid brightly colored ties with wild prints that mismatch with your suit. Ensure that the suit fits snugly and is ironed.
  • If you know that the company does not expect you to wear suits, choose well-pressed slacks or khakis with a clean button-down shirt and a belt. Your belt must match the color of your shoes. If you are wearing a brown, navy or black outfit, your shoes must be black. If you are wearing muted pastels or medium toned colors, opt for dark brown leather shoes.
  • Shave before an interview--don't sport a stubble. Your beard will give you a shabby appearance and that will reflect negatively in your personality.
  • Polish your shoes before the interview, preferably the night before. Scuff marks or dirt may reveal a lack of attention and little thought to details.
  • Carry a leather briefcase or a vinyl-bound portfolio for your resume and other necessary documents. This will add a professional look to your appearance.
  • Don't use strong perfumes or aftershave lotions on the day of your interview. Opt for subtle fragrances that do not assault anyone's senses.
  • And finally, before you leave for the interview, check yourself in the mirror. See that your hair is combed properly and your attire does not have wrinkles or stains.

For the Women ...

  • Remember that there is only one chance to make a first impression, so you must take proper care while dressing for a job interview. Choose well-fitting slacks and a blouse if you are going for an interview in an informal place of business.
  • If the place expects formals, a plain suit with a matching shirt will be appropriate. Stick to dark beige, navy blue or black. Choose a blouse or shirt that matches your suit. Make sure it contrasts with the suit. Avoid lace, ruffles or any decoration as this will give it a casual appearance. You can even wear a silk scarf to complete the formal look.
  • Tie your hair into a bun or simply comb it properly. Your hairstyle should go with your dress. A bun is always safe as it gives a conservative and formal approach.
  • Wear closed toe shoes, loafers or pumps. Use nylons, if you wear a skirt.
  • Avoid lots of make up, dark lipsticks, jewelry etc. Use lightly blended blush and foundation, with a colored matte lipstick and brown or black mascara.
  • Don't wear eyeshadow, as it may start powdering and create the appearance of dark circles. Make sure that your nails are clipped properly and your nail polish is not chipped before you go for the interview.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting dresses, mini skirts, strapped sandals, sloppy overalls etc. Also check whether your outfit has stains, tears, or creases. Make sure that your nylons don't have holes in them.
  • Carry a decent portfolio or briefcase for your documents. Avoid over-sized handbags.
It is important to make a good impression on the interviewers, by presenting yourself in a professional and poised manner. It is also essential that you take all the necessary care while dressing for an interview.