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Types of Lawyers and What They Do

Stephen Rampur
Knowing the different types of lawyers and what they do will help you know what kinds of attorneys are actually present out there for our help.
Many people have a common misconception regarding the profession of lawyers, that they can be approached for every legal kind of work and formality. There are different kinds of lawyers that are present for carrying out specialized tasks. There is one primary responsibility for them, which is interceding on behalf of their clients and rendering legal advice.

Types of Lawyers


His primary role is to defend individuals who have been accused of committing criminal offenses, like murder, rape, robbery, etc.


As the name suggests, he specializes in getting a divorce and all of its formalities done in between the husband and wife.


He is supposed to handle all the insurance paperwork, recovery of medical bills, and compensation for damage to property for the victim of an accident.


He undertakes all formalities of issues related to family life, like marriage, child adoption, custody of children (in case of divorce), property management, etc.


He carries out duties regarding helping clients file their yearly tax returns and looking after other tax formalities.


He aids individuals and businesses in filing for bankruptcy and reducing the impact of the bankruptcy terms and conditions.

Medical Malpractice

He helps clients in case of medical malpractices, such as wrong treatment done by the medical facility, which has resulted in serious health complications.


He is a kind of an all rounder, mainly handling business relationships, family matters, malpractices, property management, and so on.


He will help clients who have been illicitly terminated from job, are facing employee compensation problems, or are being harassed at the workplace.

Real Estate

A real estate attorney can help clients in dealing with all formalities regarding home buying or home selling, tenancy issues, lease, and rental conflicts.


He will help people who have been victims of any kind of fraud involving money matters.


He generally helps those who are planning to immigrate to a country, carry out the legal procedures, and become permanent residents later.


He will help you carry out the required formalities the correct way if you have an invention that you need to file a patent for.


He will help clients in starting a business, handling the necessary paperwork, and filing the company for registration.

Life Insurance

He will help clients in legal formalities related to life insurance. This may involve handling life insurance disputes and ensuring that clients are paid appropriately by the life insurance company.
There are many other types of lawyers, specializing in their own field of expertise. Some tasks and formalities are very complicated and time-consuming. To make them easier, it is recommended to avail the services of these law professionals, who will carry out the process in a smooth manner. All you need to do is coordinate with them and keep the fees ready.