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Different Political Science Careers

Aastha Dogra
Having a political science degree does not mean that teaching and government service are the only career options for you. Read on to know the different careers in this field.
Political science is a social science that studies political systems, government policies, constitution and public affairs of countries, both that are present at the moment and those that have existed in the past. A student of political science has to study how trade unions, various corporations, religious groups and other law and administrative bodies work.
Political history, political economics, international policies, foreign relations, political theories - all these form a major part of political science study. Being such a diverse field, it's but natural that armed with a degree in it, a student can make a career in various professions.

Political Science Career Options

A political science degree involves four-years of study at an accredited college/university. After this, many students pursue a master's degree and a doctoral degree, to enhance their knowledge and to make themselves eligible for better job prospects. Check out the different careers in this field.


If you research, you will find many judges and attorneys who have a political science degree.
Although, it is not a pre-requisite to have a political science majors to be successful in the law field, yet, it does increase the knowledge of a law professional about constitutions, government policies in the past, historical public decisions, public affairs, etc., which can prove to be fruitful in the long run, for any law professional.


There are many political science graduates who have entered the field of journalism.
News about politics, current events, taking interviews of politicians, conducting electoral surveys, covering election news are things that a graduate in this field can do better than a person with another degree. Whether television or newspaper, political science graduates can enter any media and become a huge success, owing to their knowledge of politics.


Having a Ph.D. in the field makes a person eligible for a job as a professor in a university or college. So, for those interested in teaching, can add this degree, in addition to the political science majors, to their portfolio.
With the huge strides that this sector is expected to make in the coming decade, teaching jobs, including those in the political science field, are the most sought after today.

Non Profit Organizations

This one is the most challenging. In a non-profit organization, a political science graduate may be required to analyze the pros and cons of various policies, rules and regulations, laid out by the government, which affect the common people.
That's why, research organizations, consulting firms and other non government organizations appoint people who have a political science degree. To work with an international organization, a candidate should learn a foreign language, to improve his prospects.

Government Service

There are numerous political science jobs, at various levels, which a person can enter into, through various means. For instance, a political science degree holder can actively participate in electoral campaigns, make some good contacts and clench a job with the government.
A person can further study for a master's degree in public policy and administration and can get appointed as a city manager. Political advisors, survey analysts, and many more government jobs require in-depth knowledge of the various topics of political science. 
Finally, whatever government job a political science major aims for, possessing various management skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and an analytical mind, is of utmost importance.


Although, this exactly is not a political science field, yet there are many degree holders of this subject who can opt for a career in business fields like marketing, advertising, public relations and finance.
Of course, if a management degree is obtained in addition to a political science one, the prospects of success in the corporate world will increase manifold.
Be it journalism, business, education, law or government, a person with a degree in political science can get a job in diverse fields because this degree enhances a person's communication, analytical, reasoning and data analysis skills. No wonder, with such a repertoire of skills, a person can make a career in almost every field of his choice.