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Different Jobs in the Marines

Kundan Pandey
Like the US army, there are a plethora of job opportunities in the marines. Being an organization of national importance, a career in the United States Marine Corps can be truly rewarding.
If you have a strong engineering background and you are also a geek interested in machines and electronics, you will find ample jobs in the US marines. Since the institution is one of the most sophisticated units of defense services all across the world, its major chunk of work revolves around technical aspects.
Hence, candidates with mechanical and naval engineering education have numerous options to pursue in this reputed organization.
Nevertheless, besides the routine engineering jobs, there are several other departments in the US marines, offering plethora of jobs to graduates even in psychology, medicine, and arts.
In fact, like the US army, the naval institution also enlists its jobs under the category - "Military Occupation Specialties". So you may even work as a typist in the 'personnel administration and retention' field or work in the engineering division.

What Are the Different Job Options in the Marines?

If you are aiming for tremendous growth and career development, here are some of the most popular and top designations in the US marines.

Marine Engineer

Closely allied to the mechanical engineering profession, marine engineers look after operation and propulsion systems on a ship.

Design Engineer

With updated knowledge of several construction and design aspects of ship building, senior design engineers play a crucial role in designing and building the ship architecture.
Candidates applying for this position must have a BS or MS degree in required field of naval and nautical science/engineering. At least 5 years of work experience is mandatory.

Chief Marine Structural Engineer

With very strong engineering skills, chief marine structural engineers analyze and inspect numerous types of structures in ships and submarines.

Marine Electrician

Marine electricians look after all electricity-related procedures, equipment, and electricity generation issues in ships.
It's one of the most challenging positions, as they've got to spend an ample amount of time inspecting every minute detail about efficient power supply in ships.

Naval Architect

Naval architecture is an interesting field that offers numerous jobs with respect to design, construction, and repair of marine vehicles. It also involves designing various ships and different types of watercrafts.
Naval architects are people who, with the help of engineering drawings and mathematical specifications, design and consequently launch ships and watercrafts.

Vessel Manager

In fishing boats and ships, the job of vessel managers is to manage and coordinate the activities of crew members.
They are responsible for properly equipping the ship with the necessary requirements and checking them before the ship is set to sail in the sea. In general, vessel managers ensure all tasks and safety measures are followed properly.

Port Engineers

The job of port engineers is related to repair and maintenance of any machinery or equipment. Their main objective is to ensure that the tasks accomplished are economical and cost-effective.
Working in the marines requires an individual to have the right skill set and aptitude. In recent years, a lot of emphasis has been laid on the candidates' educational and training requirements. Only a candidate with the required aptitude and tough attitude can stand the pressure and challenge of marine jobs.