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Different Careers in Fashion

Veethi Telang
Fashion is no more about wearing designer clothes and walking the ramp. Today, the many careers in fashion industry leave you awestruck with their profile, and make you want to enter them at the earliest. Take a look at what they are...
She, the Vogue goddess, looked mesmerizing as she walked the ramp, clad in a D&G halter dress. The guests couldn't admire her more, and millions saw her walk in panache on the tube.
An unmistakable glamor doll, she was a supermodel who stole the hearts with every step she took. Makes me wonder, what would be the world of fashion really like? The models, the clothes, the guests, the cameras, the makeup, and not to forget, a horde of assistants who contribute to make the show a successful one.
The world of fashion makes sure it allures you to the core, and gets you blinded by the lights and fanfare that this field enfolds within. But hey, fashion doesn't just equal to a fashion show. It might astonish you to hear that there are endless fields in this profession where you could carve your niche.
From modeling to fashion designing, advertising to store management, there's so much to do while being a part of the fashion industry!
If you're disgusted by taming algebraic equations and scientific formulae, here's an opportunity for you to switch to corduroys, satins and linens. For you, the future Roberto Cavallis and Valentinos, here is a fantastic chance to turn your passion for fashion into a career, and unveil the many fields in this interesting profession. Here, I give you a chance, to turn the page.

Major Careers in Fashion

There are many who refrain from taking up a job in the fashion industry, simply believing that fashion is marked by instability, competition, and at many instances, low income. However, they cannot negate the fact that the fashion industry is a wizardly world of opportunities and 'big breaks'.
The glamor, it makes you slog till eternity, to get your job done. Among the many vocations in the domain of fashion, the following are a sure bet, as far as a hefty pay scale comes into talking.

Fashion Media

Supervision of the presentation of content dedicated to fashion in the media world is what inspires many. A career in fashion-oriented newspapers and editorials, fashion segments on television, and trade publications, could give you endless opportunities to meet beautiful people everyday, and build contacts with the big guns of the fashion industry.
As far as the pay scale is concerned, you could start with a cool $50,000 p.a., and end up earning much more than $120,000 in just a few years time.
Following are the major fields you could choose from in the world of fashion media:
  • Fashion Writing
  • Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Editing
  • Fashion Publicist
  • Fashion Styling
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • Graphic Designing
  • Fashion Illustration

Fashion Promotion

Have a size-zero figure and a body to die for? You could be a model! Modeling is one of the most glamorous jobs in the world, where models walk the ramp donning the designer's outfits, and promote their clothing line.
Among the other jobs in fashion promotion are event management, where you could bring into action your management skills and manage large-scale events on a global level. Salary range in this field easily crosses the $100,000 mark, and you get paid on the basis of the criticality of projects you undertake.
Following are the various careers in the field of fashion promotion:
  • Fitness Modeling
  • Print Modeling
  • Advertising
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Fashion Show Production
  • Fashion Public Relations
  • Fashion Marketing Management

Fashion Production / Manufacturing

There's a lot that happens backstage. The clothes that a model wears are a product of years of hard work and diligence. Where fashion merchandisers create and sell world-class fabrics, fashion designers bring them into use to create pieces of marvel, then worn by fashionistas all over the world.
There is a lot of working involved in the production and manufacturing of fashion clothing, and hence, the salary packages vary in accordance with the degree of work the manufacturers are assigned.
What follows below is a list of careers in fashion production and manufacturing:
  • Fashion Designing
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Product Line Management
  • Sales Representation
  • Specification Techniques
  • Pattern Making
  • Accessories Designing
  • Visual Merchandising

Fashion Textiles

Not much into sales and glamor? You could frame a career in fashion textiles, developing and maintaining a repository of fabrics, be a representative of the fabric range, assist or work with apparel manufacturers, and earn an enviable salary just a few years down the line.
You would have to bring in your business and management skills to carry out effective product development, along with updating the existing ones, and gearing up for future trends.
With specialized training in fashion and textiles, you will be exposed to more lucrative career opportunities, the most advantageous of the lot being the following:
  • Fabric Representation
  • Market Research
  • Textile Conversion Management
  • Textile Research
  • Textile Designing
  • Textile Coloring
  • Fabric Library Management

Fashion Retailing

Department stores, chains, franchises, organizations, etc., are without a doubt, advancing more and more in terms of careers. If you own a fashion franchise, retailing the world's biggest brands means large profits, and huge recognition.
The field of fashion retailing involves multi-channel operations, in which market visits, model stocks, and communication with external sources of information are of ultimate importance. Fashion retailing has grown manifold, and a bulk of career opportunities has inspired many fashion aspirants to build a successful career in the same.
Following is a list of careers in fashion retailing:
  • Retail Store Management
  • Department Management
  • Fashion Coordination and Buying
  • Fashion Merchandise Management
  • Chain Store Management
  • Retail Cashier
  • Loss Prevention Management
Getting the right training and education is the first step to embark upon any career in the world. You cannot expect big bucks right at the onset, but it is your education that will take you places. The world of fashion demands a lot of struggle, and there is no doubting this fact. However, persistence leads to success, and as cliched as it my sound, this is the ultimate truth.
Above were listed names of all careers in the field of fashion that you could think about, and start actioning in direction of. If only a little, here's the last bit of advice - there's a lot of creativity and distinctness involved in the world of fashion; find your USP and mint big bucks out of it. This is the ultimate mantra, if at all there is any.