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Diabetes Care Specialist Job Description

Geeta Dhavale
Caring for diabetics is not all that easy. One has to be professionally trained to be able to provide care to patients suffering from diabetes. To know more about the job description of a diabetes care specialist, read on...
Most of the diabetes patients are hardly aware of their health conditions and cannot care for themselves properly. It also happens with old patients who need somebody's assistance in order to take care of their health and fitness. Neglecting health can have fatal results for diabetics and hence, it is essential for them to care for their health and control their diabetes to avoid unwanted situations. As the number of diabetic patients is increasing, the demand for trained diabetes care specialists is increasing too.

What Does a Diabetes Care Specialist Do?

As mentioned above, one of the important diabetes care specialist responsibilities, is to assist diabetics in order to deal with diabetes and lead a healthy life. They make the patients understand what it means to have diabetes, how to keep it under control, what can happen if it is neglected, and how to live a happy and balanced life with it.
Living with diabetes, sometimes involves lifestyle changes and a diabetes care specialist has to help patients to make and retain those lifestyle changes. Given below are some of the important tasks and duties that every diabetes care specialist has to perform on a daily basis.
  • Monitoring the patients regularly is one of the important responsibilities of the diabetes care specialist. A specialist has to monitor the blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and dietary programs of the patients.
  • In case the patient is suffering from diabetes related symptoms, such as, skin and foot problems, or fatigue, etc. then a diabetes care specialist has to help them eliminate the symptoms.
  • A professional has to conduct various tests, such as urine tests, blood tests, etc. to determine and diagnose the causes of diabetes related health problems faced by the patients.
  • He also has to get information about the lifestyle of the patient and suggests lifestyle changes and corrections to keep the blood sugar levels under control.
  • He also has to monitor the diet plans of the patients. Depending on the age, sex, and the level of blood sugar, he first have to design an effective diet plan for the patient and then make sure that the patient is following it regularly.
  • He need to ensure that the diabetes patients are taking their medicines and drugs on time. He also need to remind the patients to undergo certain tests at different intervals during the treatment.
  • Diabetes care specialist has to report the doctors about the health status of the patient. So in short, he liaisons between the doctors and the diabetic patients, etc.
Basically, diabetes care specialist is like a caretaker who looks after the health of the diabetics and designs nursing care plans for diabetes in the absence of the doctor. Now you are completely aware of the diabetes care specialist job description but if you want to become one.
There is something more you must know and that is the educational qualification to become a diabetes care specialist. A high school diploma or bachelor's degree or associate's degree is essential to become a professional diabetes care specialist.
After gaining the diploma you also have to acquire Certified Diabetes Educator certification for which you must possess an advanced degree in either of the following streams, nursing, nutrition, dietetics, occupational therapy, pharmacologist, optometry, podiatry, and physical therapy, etc. Along with an advanced degree, you must also have minimum of two years experience of working with diabetic patients as a caregiver or either in the hospital setting.
So if you are planning to become a diabetes care specialist, then start preparing for it from your high school days itself. I hope this information was resourceful for you.