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Dental Hygienist Job Description

Charlie S
Willing to work as a Dental Hygienist? Read on to know in detail the job description of this job profile, which is one of the best career options these days, due to the growing demand for such skilled professionals.
These days, the number of dental problem cases is increasing at an alarming rate, owing to the lack of awareness and some hereditary problems. The dental hygienists are in significant demand, as they continue to cater to the needs of many people.
This profession, according to experts, is a strong contender to be one of the top thirty fastest growing professions worldwide. You can achieve success in this field, provided you have an inclination and keen interest towards it.

Nature of Job

This job consists of some important duties such as cleaning and maintaining the teeth, teaching good habits to the patients, and providing them with preventive dental care techniques after careful examinations and diagnosis.
Many dental hygienists are engaged in tasks such as removing sutures, taking X-rays of the teeth, keeping a record of the medical history of the patients, along with the medications prescribed to them; and polishing fillings. They may choose to work part-time for renowned dentists, which is a boon for this profession.
Their assistance to dentists is vital in the proper and timely treatment and cure of the mouth, gums, and the teeth. Removing tartar from the teeth, and carrying out the root planning procedure for increasing the strength of their roots are an integral part of their job.
As a treatment to the disorders, which are diagnosed in the X-rays, they apply sealants and useful fluorides to the teeth, which assist in preventing cavities. They also create awareness among the patients regarding regular and correct methods of brushing, timely dental check-ups, and a balanced diet.
Maintaining the margins of the gums; using teeth whitening methods, calcareous deposits, and teeth bleaching; and removing stains from the teeth are other important responsibilities, which they carry out, with the help of advanced instruments.
Besides this, they also perform the task of removing the cement contents on the coronal tooth surfaces, which are generally in excess quantities. Detecting gum diseases, oral cancer, and providing dental health care facilities to public and school children are some important tasks that they perform.

Core Tasks

  • Application of anesthesia
  • Assisting dentists during examinations, by keeping the patients mouth dry
  • Cleaning dental prosthetics
  • Creation of temporary crowns

Additional Tasks

  • Patient care and laboratory duties
  • Maintaining dental records of patients
  • Preparing patients mentally for treatment and ensuring their comfort
  • Sterilizing and disinfecting the equipment
  • Receiving patients, sending bills, receiving payments, and keeping daily records

Educational Qualifications

The education required to become a professional in this field is a course in Dental Hygiene from an accredited school. Before you take admission for it, you will need to complete a high school diploma.
Good communication and interpersonal skills, obtaining a license in the area where practice is to be done, stamina, and co-operative nature are also essential. An applicant needs to obtain the relevant certification from the Dental Assisting National Board, and also, a certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
The salary of these professionals is showing a growing trend, and experienced ones are known to earn between US $52,737 and US $91,373. Thus, those aspiring to enter this field are likely to be a part of a rewarding career in the future.