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Data Entry Jobs From Home

Parashar Joshi
Are you on the lookout for some high paying data entry jobs? Well, read on to discover how you can find the best options to work from home.
If you own a computer and are good at typing, and you are thinking of a good and reliable way of earning some extra money while sitting at home, then data entry is what you should target. Data entry jobs are becoming one of the most popular ways of home-based moneymaking.
Anyone can pursue this job from home - students, housewives, single mothers, salaried individuals, entrepreneurs, retired citizens.. the list is endless and the possibilities, limitless. Before seeing how you can get hold of a 'work from home data entry job', let's elaborate on the various types of such jobs available and the work responsibilities involved.

List of Data Entry Jobs

First things first. You need to be aware of what exactly data entry is. Due to numerous Internet scams and frauds, people end up having plenty of misconceptions about online data entry jobs. This term is commonly (and sometimes incorrectly) used for the following types of jobs:
  • Traditional typing
  • Word processing
  • Content writing
  • Form-filling
  • Copy-pasting
  • Online writing
  • Freelance writing
  • Resume writing
  • Article writing, copy-writing, and essay writing
  • Medical Transcription
  • Get paid programs
  • Survey programs
  • Email forwarding.
Let us clear the air and tell you which of the above are truly data entry jobs and which aren't.


In this case, the person is provided with a hard copy of the text or the material to be typed. Sometimes, it could be provided in the form of an audio recording and the person would be expected to listen to the audio file and type the text accordingly.
This type of job requires a very high level of typing accuracy as well as speed. Payments depend on the accuracy of the typed data and also on the date of delivery of the typed data.

Word Processing

These are pretty much the same as the given typing jobs except that in this case, the work often needs to be done using a company specified word processing software. These, in addition to the mentioned typing ones, can be pursued both online as well as offline.

Content Writing

These are different from data entry jobs because in this case, the work is not about merely typing the required text and making the least number of mistakes.
Content writing involves a certain amount of creative input on part of the user. In this case, the user has to come up with his own original content in accordance with the project requirements.

Form Filling and Copy Pasting

These are some other examples of online jobs which are wrongly portrayed as belonging to the field of data entry. Both of these jobs require the user to copy a specific piece of code and paste it repeatedly in various places such as discussion forums, social networking websites, online chat rooms, blogs, etc.

Online Writing and Freelancing

The Internet is full of websites, which promote data entry in the field of writing. However, writing-based jobs are not exactly data entry type jobs. Quite a lot of them involve creative writing rather than mere typing.
Freelance writing, copy-writing, essay writing, etc., involve a lot of creativity both in terms of thought process and writing skills on part of the user. In case of resume writing, the writer is provided with a third party's educational, academic and professional details, using which he must prepare a professional resume for that particular third party.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription, medical billing and coding jobs, etc., are some medical jobs that can be pursued either from home or from medical practitioner's clinic or hospital. All these require some job specific training, which you should obtain from certified training institutes. Mind you, these don't belong to the category of traditional data entry type jobs.

Survey Programs and Get Paid Programs

Though a few of these programs can be classified as traditional data entry jobs, it is best that you skip this option. The reason is, there are tons and tons of fake job schemes and work at home scams belonging to this particular category of Internet jobs.
Therefore, locating a genuine job of this type usually takes a lot of time and energy, which in the end is not worth the effort. Email forwarding is probably the biggest and the oldest of email scams, so we strongly suggest that you stay away from all such fake jobs and moneymaking schemes.
A common mistake that most people make is forgetting about offline data entry based work at home jobs. There are many offline opportunities, which you can avail of, by doing a little bit of research and homework. Scouring the local newspapers will help you to get an idea of the various agencies and companies in your city, which outsource offline jobs.
As we sign off, we'll leave you with this small bit of parting advice. When it comes to data entry, always remember, the more enticing the offer, the more fake it is likely to be.