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Different Job Opportunities in Data Processing Field

Loveleena Rajeev
Data processing is a diverse field that has opened up many job avenues. To understand what it is, one should understand different opportunities this field offers.
Data is information and computer data processing is converting it into binary digital format. In this process, all the information or data has to be entered, recorded, analyzed, sorted, calculated, summarized and stored as useful information. It also involves data manipulation or processing. Many organizations offer different jobs related to data processing.

The Opportunities

These professionals can have different roles according to the industry and their skills. Here are some of the opportunities one can consider.

Data Entry

The first type of data processing is the information or data entry. Data entry workers enter data into a computer in proper formats to ensure the efficient and smooth handling of information. They are often known as word processors, typists, data entry technicians, etc.
Using inbuilt programs, data once entered gets recorded, edited and stored accordingly in the form of memos, reports, statistical tables, forms, etc. High school graduation is the minimum qualification required for this job. Spelling, punctuation and grammar skills, along with basic word processing knowledge, are the other skills essential for this profile.

Data Cleansing

The second type is data cleansing. Here data is checked for detection and correction of irrelevant, inaccurate, or falsified records from the database and is replaced or modified. For this job, prior experience is mostly required, with exposure to database technologies like Java, SQL, etc.
Experience with some cleansing operations involving mainframe, Clipper, dBase is also needed, besides strong analytical skills. It involves other procedures like coding, translation, summarization, aggregation, validation, and analysis. One requires computer programming skills, with experience of working with specified tools and data processing equipment.

Data Mining

Data mining is one of the forms of data processing and is also one of the well-paying jobs. Data miners are statisticians who use mining techniques like k-means clustering, holdout method, k-fold cross validation, etc., to process data.
They refer to techniques that combine prior experiences and probabilities. One such form of work is spam filtering. A good statistician can easily qualify for this job.

Home Data Processing

As of now, one of the best home based online jobs are of data processing. Many organizations look for people who can take up work-at-home jobs. One is trained as per specific requirement of the company. People who work from home just need to have a computer and an Internet connection, although many companies even offer work that can be done by being offline.
These jobs allow you the freedom to work as per your need and you are paid accordingly. The best part is that, one can carry his/her work around. Also, one need not be stuck with the same company, because as a freelancer one is free to choose among numerous companies that give the option of working from home. 
The most common among these jobs are worldwide data entry processor, response typist, data collection research assistant, marketing typist, home secretarial work, data proofreader, article typist, etc. One should have good language and typing skills for all the mentioned jobs.
Data processing jobs are on a high growth rate, as many more companies are being established. They all need data or information that they can use with relative ease and for future growth.