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Data Entry Operator Job Description

Charlie S
A data entry operator focuses on the systematic feeding and processing of useful data into the database management system of the organization. There are various opportunities in this area, provided you have the required skills. This story will help you understand the job description, skills, and scope for a career in this field.
Each and every business thrives on data; the more the business grows, the more information is added to its database. With heaps of information, it becomes necessary for an organization to systematically arrange and store the invaluable data in proper order, so that the timely retrieval and analysis of the same is executable in the future.

Scope and Remuneration

As mentioned earlier, data entry jobs have a wide scope, and are not confined to any particular sector. The demand for data entry operators has risen to an extent wherein companies are giving employees the leverage to work from home, as well.
The remuneration depends upon the location, and the nature of the job. According to the website dataentryjobs, in the United States of America, if you are working from home, the average payment per assignment is between US $1 - US $2.
For online data entry jobs, the assignment consists of about 4-5 lines each. There is also an option of offline data entry jobs wherein you need to download the necessary data and do the task within 15-30 days. There will be pages of work (A4 size) and you will be paid US $1 - US $2 per page.
According to PayScale, the hourly remuneration for data entry operators in the United States vary from $1012 - $18.51, at present. However, the rates may differ depending upon the city you live in, your qualification, or if you are working from home or at an office.
Managing useful data is a task of great responsibility and no mistake can be considered as 'minor'. This is why organizations hire people after careful scrutiny.
Usually, a trial assignment is given to the applicant, and the applicant is judged on the basis of time management, accuracy, command over the language, and the proficiency to interpret and enter the data in an efficient manner.
The advantage of this job is that it has a wide scope wherein people from all walks of life will find a suitable profile for themselves; the remuneration, however, will vary.