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How to Find Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs

Omkar Phatak
The prospects of finding legitimate data entry jobs on the Internet, are presented here. Also discussed, are the various types of these jobs.
Internet opened up new earning opportunities for people all over the world. Outsourcing of information-based services has led to these new income sources. People can actually work from home and earn substantially by providing data entry services.
Most people are skeptical about online jobs, as majority of the websites either dupe people or make tall claims, without offering any substantial returns. However, there are some authentic web sites, that actually offer online jobs without investment.

Finding Legitimate Jobs

One of the primary problems, faced by most people looking for data entry jobs from home, is finding authentic, non-scam sites. One of the obvious ways of locating such a job is to Google for it. Specific searches will give you better results.
There are probably millions of online job offering sites, of which a few thousands are actually authentic. You need to know how to verify the authenticity of any such website.
Online jobs are certainly great opportunities to create secondary income sources that can pay your bills. However, there are Internet con artists out there, who can take you for a ride by asking you to buy some expensive software or make a hefty investment. You need to be careful and not fall prey to such scams.
Whenever a data entry site asks for an upfront monetary investment, it is right to be skeptical and verify the site's legitimacy first. One of the simplest ways of checking it is to check for a 'Verisign Seal'. This seal confirms that the site is indeed authentic in its claims and setup.
Other than this, check the site name online and read discussions on online forums. Check with the Federal Trace Commission (FTC) for site authenticity. If they offer jobs without a registration fee, you can go ahead and try it. Be wary of sites that talk about ridiculously high returns right at the start and promise to make you a millionaire within a year.

Types of Jobs Involving Data Entry

Internet has made it simpler for small and large businesses worldwide to outsource their jobs to skilled workers. To take advantage of such opportunities and take an Internet job, it helps if you have a good typing speed and of course, Internet access at home, is a prerequisite. Here are the main types.

Filling Forms

There are many sites which offer online jobs that consist of filling forms, after processing raw data. The job description and specifics vary, according to the kind of project, that the company has taken up.

Content Generation/Writing

One of the most lucrative jobs is content generation. It's basically writing for sites that need informative content. This can be quite a creative job to do and pays quite well. This is an excellent job to work from home, for students, where they get to sharpen their writing skills.

Paid Surveys

What if you are paid to take surveys? That is exactly how you can earn money through online paid survey jobs, offered by some sites. Such type of work, is of the simplest kind.


Another most outsourced job is transcription. You are mailed audio files which need to be listened to and transcribed. Medical transcription offers high profitability. It is a job, where you listen to procedure-related recordings of doctors and transcribe them. This requires the knowledge of medical terms.
These online jobs are certainly a great opportunity for homemakers and students to make some money on the side. You can certainly go for these jobs but approach with caution and beware of scam sites.