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Data Analyst Interview Questions

Bhakti Satalkar
The position of data analyst has assumed immense importance in modern-day world. If you are planning to go for an interview for the post of a data analyst, then it is best to be equipped with answers for interview questions, that are commonly asked.
Databases are growing in size with each passing day. There are databases that are also available online, where data can be stored for a price. Due to this data analysts have gone on to assume significant position in various organizations.
It is the task of the data analyst to analyze the data available and find a solution to the problem that has been encountered. The interview questions for the post of a data analyst are so designed to check how proficient is the candidate with database technology and also his capability as a team member.

Data Analyst Interview Question Examples

One of the major skills required for the post of a data analyst is problem solving. Hence, there are a number of questions, which test this aspect in a candidate. The problem solving methods and clear process used should be the highlight of the answers to the problem solving questions.
Some set of questions are aimed at understanding the knowledge of software solutions. Understanding of business processes and tools are also tested. We will now turn to see some sample interview questions for a data analyst.
  • When a problem is encountered, how will you obtain information to find solution to the problem? Give Examples.
  • After obtaining the information, how will you filter out the unnecessary information? Give Examples.
  • Give an example, where a problem is solved by mapping and tracing informational data within one system and between two systems.
  • Which are the domains in which you have worked previously? Which of them was the most challenging domain?
  • Till date, which was the most difficult problem you solved? What measures did you take to solve the problem?
  • Have you performed statistical analysis of corporate data? What tools did you use for the same?
  • In your previous assignments, has there been a time, when you had to analyze and mine information for identifying prototypes?
  • How should business information be documented? Do you have any particular method that you use?
  • Has there been a time, where you managed data accounts, created data accounts? How did you go about the entire process?
  • If you are given a database and you are asked to analyze the same for unusual and interesting trends, what are the steps you will take?
  • Tell me in short about IDOC's.
  • Define dataset with an example.
  • In ABAP, can a subroutine from program A be called from program B?
  • Which different tools in SAP can be used for reporting data? Which of the tools have you previously worked on?
  • Which steps are a part of data analysis procedure?
  • What according to you are the tasks of a data analyst in relation to the database.?
  • Can you give some examples of data report formats?
Before you prepare the answers to data analyst interview questions, it is important you study a few data analyst job descriptions. This will prove to be of help, when you are answering the questions. In case your resume does mention particular tools, be prepared to answer questions related to those tools in details.
Whenever you give an answer, it is best to supplement it with an example. Having a sample database format ready comes in handy. You may also want to prepare some database schema, which will prove to be useful while answering questions.
Along with the preparation for the database related question, you may also want to be well versed with the domain knowledge. Domain knowledge will help you to answer the questions more convincingly. When you are answering questions, it is best to stick to the point and have factual, yet detailed answer.
Do not leave any open ends in your answers. When there are open ends in the answers the interviewer will find more areas to grill you and you may not always be comfortable answering the questions.