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Customer Service Manager Responsibilities

Megha Tiwari
In today's competitive world, customers have attained the position of a king, and have become a part and parcel of businesses and industries. They have become a focal point of all the industries, which cannot even imagine taking a risk of ignoring or neglecting them.
So, to understand the needs of the customers and to give them due respect, customer service management and customer relationship management (CRM) has gained tremendous importance.
The responsibilities of a customer service manager have become very important and essential to ensure proper communication with the customers and an organization. The main focus of this manager is to satisfy the needs of every customer.
The work has to be performed at various levels, right from the initial level of dealing with customers at the reception to the higher level of making the top management aware of the expectations and need of the customers.

Employee Supervision

The first responsibility is to supervise all the employees involved in customer service, which includes checking their performance, work efficiency, punctuality, and above all, their daily duties.

Customer Service

The manager takes care of the customer service that is provided by the company as well as at its other branches. Special attention is given to the practices for customer service, like listening to the customers, making polite suggestions, keeping promises, and ensuring that they are performed in an excellent manner.

Customer Interaction

The manager generally does not directly interact with customers, but in some special cases, he needs to. For instance, if a customer is not satisfied or confused about a product or a service, the manager can intervene to clarify the doubts and resolve the issue. This is also essential from the point of view of customer retention.

Sale Opportunities

Apart from taking care of the needs of the customers, he/she also recognizes potential customers and other sale opportunities, and ensures that quality service is provided to the customers.

Customer Service Employee Development

One of the major responsibilities is the training and development of the employees of his department. His duty is to ensure that all employees possess the required knowledge regarding the ethics, expectations, rules, and regulations of the job.

Meeting Targets and Goals

The aim is to achieve preset goals by working as a team and keeping the customers at the priority position. This also includes increasing the ratings of the store or the branch, by providing good service to the customers as well as public.

Administrative Responsibilities

The manager is also responsible for the payroll of the employees and the time sheets as well. He/she works along with the human resource and other departments in the organization.
Apart from these, a customer service manager must be self-motivated as well as have the capability to motivate his employees to have positive customer interaction and determination, to achieve the goals of the organization. For this, he/she must follow Maslow's hierarchy theory to get a clear concept of motivation, and must also know all customer service management basics.