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Job Description of a Customer Service Manager

Kundan Pandey
The job of a customer service manager consists of managing the relationship with the customer and ensuring that his needs are addressed clearly. Want to know more? Read on...
Any kind of business thrives on customer support. In essence, businessmen do consider (and should consider) their customers to be the ultimate judge and deciding factor for the organization's success. No venture can imagine ignoring the needs of its customers.
Managing and understanding the needs of the customers is one of the prime responsibilities of the customer service managers. They ensure that the communication between all the departments is maintained effectively so that quality products are delivered to the consumers.

Job Description

  • Customer service managers work for the satisfaction of the customers.
  • They may work at various levels, right from managing and dealing the customers at the reception, to the higher level offices where they've to make the officers and seniors aware about the customer needs and expectations.
  • They have to manage a team of staff and chalk out a customer service policy for the entire organization.
  • There are various job profiles associated with the job of these managers. For example, it offers various opportunities in the field of customer care managers, corporate services manager, customer relationship manager, and customer operations manager.
  • Each of these have their own specific responsibilities to carry forward and manage the customers.
  • They can be employed in call centers, retail stores, restaurants, and offices.
  • The duties of a manager at a call center includes leading a team of 10 to 20 members, depending on the strength of the organization and guiding them to achieve the monthly team targets.
  • At banks, their duties include dealing with the customers and solving their queries regarding the functioning of the accounts and other services offered by the bank.
  • The daily tasks of these managers are spread through a wide spectrum of duties that may include managing the tasks, working arrangements, staff meetings, and training and development programs.
  • Some bigger organizations may assign the job of financial responsibility and stock ordering as well.

Educational Requirements

  • One needs to have excellent communication skills with a good command over the English language.
  • A bachelor's degree in business administration or management with a few years of work experience makes one eligible for handling this post.
  • Customer service managers must be able to motivate their teams and must have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • There are various training institutes that provide excellent training for improving the personality skills and for enhancing the spectrum of knowledge related to this field.


  • The salary range of these professionals with a work experience of less than a year is usually between USD 24,000 to USD 64,000.
  • For those having a work experience between 1 and 4 years, the salary is between USD 29,000 to USD 76,000.
  • The salary range for those managers who have work experience of more than 5 years is between USD 33,000 and USD 84,000.
This designation requires you to work regular hours and overtime as well (weekends, nights, and holidays), depending on the client requirement. The challenges associated with this job are immense.
If you intend to carve a career in this field, ensure that your interests and abilities are compatible. Once you've substantial work experience in this field, the career development path will be smooth, and you can be ready to handle more responsibilities.