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Custodian Job Description

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Have you ever heard of custodians? Do you know what these professionals do? Take a look at the roles and responsibilities of a custodians; known also as housekeepers or housekeeping staff.
Most companies, schools, offices, and even churches won't even function appropriately without a custodian. A custodian is vitally needed in any huge company or a commercial enterprise. The job requires them to keep offices, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, and even churches clean.
Important duties involve a lot of tasks that include waxing and cleaning floors of offices and schools. They also clean snow from the sidewalks of office buildings. Custodians are also called housekeeping or housekeepers.

Education and Experience Required

To get a job of a custodian you need a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, though this is not compulsory with every company. Some companies hire custodians without an appropriate degree. If you have experience with custodial responsibilities and maintenance in this field, it may be beneficial to you.
Many of the people who apply will start at the bottom of the department, and will have to gain work experience to rise to supervisory levels. Custodian departments in huge companies give promotions on the basis of knowledge, and the time an individual has spent working in the company.
One necessary thing required is to have no criminal history. Almost every commercial building in the US has a custodian department who do not consider candidates with a criminal past as it threatens the building and its assets. So keep yourself away from crime and be clean if you want a decent custodian job.

Custodian Job Responsibilities

  • Reporting to a head who is responsible for housekeeping services.
  • Keep the restrooms/bathrooms clean as per standard rules laid down by the company.
  • Clean and wipe furniture; sweep and mop the lobby floors. Make sure to empty waste baskets and trash cans in the morning. Replace lights which are not working and always refill bathroom dispensers.
  • Help out with the setup of company meetings, events, and conferences. Clean and apply floor sealer to hard surface floors, clean and shampoo carpets.
  • Make sure your area is always secured when facilities are not in use. Always double-check for unlocked doors and windows and report any suspicious looking activity to your senior at once.
  • Make use of high power equipment such as hand tools, buffers, automatic scrubbers, high pressure washers, vacuums, brooms and mops for cleaning and general maintenance of floors, walls, carpets, and various kinds of furniture.
  • When you are using chemicals and supplies, follow the instructions labeled on them.
  • Perform cleaning procedures such as removing snow from sidewalks and stairs in areas within six feet of your buildings. Use power tools or small power equipment for cleaning.
  • If you can clean any windows, clean them. Make sure to clean the blinds too.
  • You should possess decent personality traits such as interpersonal skills, good memory, knowledge about your job, organizing and inventing new ideas so that the work can be done in the most efficient manner. The job description of a custodian is a highly responsible one, so performing these duties with dedication and efficiency is very important.

Custodian Salary

A custodian's dues depends on the amount of hours he/she works. Many companies hire part-time custodians to fill the places of full-time custodians, so this makes the salary level even lower. A custodian earns between USD 18,166 and USD 40,400 depending on the years of experience and the professional background. The average annual salary is USD 27,390.
Many custodians are also hired on an hourly basis and they earn an average pay of around USD 11.97 an hour. If you are at a higher level you also enjoy fringe benefits, including a paid holiday, sick leaves, and retirement options.
A custodian job description is a job with infinite responsibilities and is a physically and mentally demanding job. If you want a sure shot at this job, search for the best options and make a proper resume format.