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Curator Job Description

Kundan Pandey
Curators look after the maintenance activities of a museum. In this story, we will discuss more about the crucial aspects of this job.
Museums and art galleries are always a source of curiosity, and lovers of art never miss an opportunity to visit museums and art exhibitions. Ever wondered how are the antique materials maintained in the old museums and who are the people who work hard to preserve the identity of such treasures?
Well, they are none other than, curators! Many people think that their job is restricted to maintenance of the museums, however, the job description of a curator has various other facets.

Job Description

Managing and organizing art shows, exhibitions and art auctions. The main job of curator is to attract crowds in the museum by maintaining and keeping the grandeur of the museum intact. They have to acquire materials for keeping in the museums, do extensive research, negotiate on prices and buy items like sculptures, statues and paintings that can add value to the museum.
They are responsible for taking proper care of art collections in the museum, and they have to ensure that collections in the museum are preserved. Through research and by using testing methods like x-ray analysis and fossil dating tests, the curators determine the authenticity of work. They also have to raise funds and grants for the museum.

Curator Responsibilities

There are hosts of responsibilities that they are expected to perform. Some of typical duties are:
  • Maintaining records and cataloging acquisitions on daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • Researching, compiling and preparing catalogs.
  • Writing information about materials in the museum and loading it on the museum website.
  • Writing about events, exhibitions and presenting information about museum through internal and external publications.
  • Mediating and advising governments, voluntary groups, schools, colleges, grant agencies for grants, funds and free aids.
  • Advise management boards of the museum in staff selection, administration selection and renovation requirements.
  • Looks after budgets, contracts and schedule.
  • Remain updated about current knowledge of design concepts, techniques, technology, innovations etc.
  • Prepare sketches, drawings and other specifications as per the requirement of the museum.
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of historic preservation and exhibitions.
  • Assist employees and staff working in the museums. Guide them for carrying out specific responsibilities.

Salary of a Curator

Generally, curators require a master's degree in subjects related to history and arts. If you are applying for a post of curator in reputed museums, then a doctorate may be the requirement. Competition in this field has grown over years, and so an aspirant must be ready to face tough competition. 
According to various sources, salary range for curators, having work experience of less than a year is between US$ 27,000 to US$ 43,000. With increase in work experience (between 1 to 4 years), they can earn up to US$ 40,000 to US$ 60,000. A curator with a work experience of about 20 years, can earn salaries as high as US$ 86,000.
Being a curator offers unique career opportunities for students who have always been fascinated by museums, arts and ancient history. All the best!