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CTO Job Description

Charlie S
The post of the chief technology officer (CTO) is of prime importance to any organization. This write-up provides information about the job description and salary range of this officer.
A CTO job has to utilize his vast knowledge of information technology, for devising the IT framework of the organization. Being one of the most important persons in the functioning of the company, the CTO is entitled to good salaries, perks, and bonuses.

Job Description

These officers mainly work for increasing research, development, and upgradation of technology, for the benefit of the company. They closely work with the IT team members and people belonging to the senior management. They undertake the important task of developing the web presence of their organization.
A CTO has to keep a close eye on the changing technological trends, and he should have the eagerness to learn new technologies, which have been initially introduced in the market.
He discusses technological strategies of his company with the clients, customers, employees, strategic business partners, and stakeholders.
Thus, it is a job for specialists, who should be highly qualified and vastly experienced. Generally, they should have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in engineering, or in different branches of science. Those with a doctorate could get the first preference.
Since this position is included in the senior level management, companies recruit candidates who have spent several years in the industry, and are passouts of renowned educational institutes. Those with management degrees are also preferred for this position.
Good managerial skills, communication and interpersonal skills, ability to grasp new technologies and concepts, ability to work in a team, patience, confidence, and hard work, are the qualities needed in order to become a chief technology officer of a company.

Salary Details

As these officers are one of the key players in the business development and expansion of an organization, their salary is much higher than the people engaged in several other professions. The pay scale mainly depends on their experience, educational qualifications, their organization, work location and skills.
They mostly earn between USD 86,000 and USD 240,000 per year in large multinational companies. Entry level professionals can earn anywhere between USD 58,000 to USD 180,000. Those with mid career experience can earn in the range of USD 70,000 to USD 200,000.
Highly experienced professionals earn in the range of USD 95,000 to USD 230,000. Apart from those working the US, the chief technology officers working in Japan and Singapore also earn a handsome salary.
The benefits of stock options considerably increase the total earnings of these senior executives. Though very few people in the world are able to qualify for this high post, you should try your best and be optimistic for the same.