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Prerequisites for Crime Scene Cleanup Certification

Stephen Rampur
There are a number of crime scene cleanup certification programs that you can attend if you are thinking about starting this business on a full-time basis. These trainings are generally administrated by institutions as per the OSHA regulations...
Starting a business is an ideal way of being your own boss and also taking decisions all by yourself. One of the best money-making businesses that are doing good today is crime scene cleanup. Though this type of business might not be for everyone and only for the tough guys, it is surely much remunerative.
Professionals in this business primarily have to clean the area where the criminal activity has occurred and decontaminate it with specialized chemicals. Their work starts after the police and investigative authorities are done with all work associated to the crime scene.
Remember that there is no mandatory certification requirement to start this business or to work as a professional. Nevertheless, obtaining a certification is suggested to carry out work in a professional and safe manner.

Crime Scene Cleanup Certification Training

There are certain reasons why taking this training is important. Crime scenes might have pathogens, harmful, hazardous, and toxic substances which can be dangerous for a cleaner's health.
In order to prevent infections and other transferable diseases, gaining knowledge about how to deal with such situations becomes very crucial. Certifications generally include lessons on the kinds of protective devices and clothing and their appropriate use.
People are taught how to use chemicals for cleaning and decontamination. The training also helps you learn about blood borne pathogens and legal regulations set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
It may include lessons on first aid, CPR, proper waste disposal, handling human waste and body fluids, etc. As the work involves toxic chemical use, respiratory training is taken.

Cost and Types Certifications

The cost of the trainings depends on the entity administering the certification. The CTS Decontamination Training Academy offers a comprehensive training module for USD 4,995. Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. provides trainings for a range from $1,275 to $1,395. Along with a good remuneration, these trainings can be completed in a short time, even less than a week.
The American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) administers a certification known as Bio Recovery Technician which can be obtained from private training institutions. The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) also has particular certifications that relate to cleaning and restoring property after a crime scene.

Requirements to Obtain Certification

Since this is not a job suitable for everyone, there are specific requirements for people who can attend these training courses. You need to have strong nerves and stomach, as puking and fainting while on the job is not appropriate. Likewise, you should not be too empathetic, emotional, and sensitive.
A potential crime scene cleaner also should not be mentally unstable and subjected to depression easily. People who have previously worked in the medical field and provided direct patient care can be good candidates for training. Those looking for this career need to be physically fit, since this job normally involves a lot of physical work.
This is general information on the trainings and certifications in the field of Crime Scene Cleanup.
The certification prepares a person to work on-the-job with adhering to rules and safety regulations. According to a survey conducted in May 2017 by the 'Bureau of Labor Statistics', a Crime Scene Decontaminate Specialists may fetch yearly salary of about US$ 41,400 per year on an average.