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Creative Director Job Description

Overseeing various projects, developing designs, and various other duties form the core of the job of a creative director.
Kundan Pandey
Advertising and marketing have evolved to be one of the most important departments of every firm. In fact, without proper advertising, it's not possible to make a product reap rich dividends. Besides these fields, creativity is the new age mantra for various professions.
Many students who have an aesthetic sense of art and beauty, are always curious to know in which fields they can make successful careers. Immense career opportunities in creative fields have bolstered the growth of employment in such fields.
Electronic media, print media, advertising, marketing, graphic designing, multimedia, 3D animation, copywriting, etc., are just some of the many jobs that require sparks of creativity. One of the creative professions is that of creative directors, who manage a host of activities in advertising agencies and similar set ups.
The job of a creative director entails various duties and responsibilities, and that mostly depends on the specific field and type of organization. As such, creative directors are hired at various levels and are given different designations.

Advertising Creative Director

Ever wondered how artistically an ad about latest high tech phone captures your psyche and you are at the electronics store the very next day to buy the gadget? That's what wonderful advertising campaigns do for products. In advertising agencies, job of a creative director is considered to be the most supreme in terms of management and responsibilities.
His/her responsibilities include monitoring every aspect of advertisement, that is, the graphic layout, design, presentation, sound elements, catchy phrases, etc. In fact, each and every aspect of the Ads is carefully monitored and scrutinized by the advertising creative director.

Associate Creative Director

Associative creative directors assist senior creative directors in implementing various ideas and tasks. They must have a good understanding of various concepts of graphic design, and they need to be highly skilled in facing clients and explaining to them the various needs and requirements of the project.
Almost closely related to the work of creative directors, associate creative directors work under the directions of creative directors, and they must be skilled in handling Adobe Photoshop and similar technical tools.

Fashion Creative Director

The world of fashion is full of glamor, glitz, and creativity. In fact, in the fashion industry, creativity is of prime importance to survive the tough competition.
The responsibilities of a creative director pertaining to fashion include understanding various trends of fashion, that is old, new, and the existing ones too. Fashion directors are responsible for managing a wide variety of tasks like coordinating and managing fashion activities.

Interactive Creative Director

Interactive creative directors collaborate over all the campaigns and promotional activities by working in tandem with creative art directors, writing teams, designing teams, and other members involved in the process. This director must have very strong problem solving skills.

Magazine Creative Director

In the print media industry, there is a lot of scope and career development opportunities for magazine creative directors, who analyze and choose graphic designs and layouts for publishing an Ad in a magazine. They work in tandem with photographers, designers, editors, and printing teams, to give the magazine an attractive look.
As we can see, creativity is the hallmark in all these professions. Various facets of the job mentioned here are just a glimpse into what these professionals do. As there is no limit to creativity, these jobs are beyond any structured format. In fact, everything they do, is to make their work a fine display of creativity and excellence.
Candidates interested in making careers in this field must acquire relevant art degrees, and then work for some years under an experienced professional to understand the finer dimensions of these jobs.