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Creative Career Choices

Naomi Sarah
Nobody wants a job that is deadbeat, heading to nowhere, and unexciting to do everyday with the dreaded feeling of going to work in the morning. Let's find out here about some creative career choices that could work in your favor...
If there's one kind of job that everyone wants, it's a creative one - where you're doing what you love, and knowing that you are happy with your career choice. A lot of people are stuck in dead-end jobs, whiling away the days of their lives doing something they have no interest in, that has limited brain activity while doing it, that is too stressful to ever let you slow down, or a routine that you've accustomed yourself to.
A lot of us want out, while others take what they get because they need to pay their bills and have at least two hot meal options a day. What about if you're over and done with the whole mediocrity of having a job that has to dictate what you have to do, where what someone else wants is what you have to enact every single day?
Creative jobs give you the freedom to be yourself, since people give jobs their best when they love what they're doing. Let's take a look at some interesting creative career options that you can ponder about taking up yourself.

Creative Careers List

The following creative career ideas could just be your kind of thing, since we all have to look for our own fortes before we perfect it, or implement what it is we already are good at, before we take it to the next level.
☂ Street Dance Performer
People love dancing - whether it is to sit back and watch all those dance shows, or if they're the kind to bust a move every time a song comes on. Street performers grab a lot of attention when they can work out on some elaborate/never seen before moves while keeping audiences spellbound.
You can broaden your choices by even playing an instrument and singing along, or asking people to be a part of a magic trick perhaps. Who knows, you may strike it big if an entertainment agent sees some potential in you to make it big.
☂ Pastry Chef
Being an all round chef is one thing, but being a pastry chef is an all together different plateau in the creative job arena. These are one of those creative careers that pay well, making you seriously rein in some big bucks if you're as good as you think you are.
Take up a class and put in as much money as you can initially, to learn the ropes of the pastry making business. Once you adapt yourself to the ins and outs of the game as well as perfect your kitchen skills, people will be lining up to your counter in no time.
Just be sure to widen your variety when it comes to pastry making; people love it when they're spoiled for choice. Be sure to include all time favorites as part of your menu, because certain eats just never go outdated.
☂ Freelance Writer
Being a writer in a full-time job has its disadvantages, giving you less freedom to exercise your writing skills in different areas. Freelancing gives you an opportunity to work with different kinds of people who want your great writing abilities to give the public something memorable to read about.
Experiment with travel writing, book/album/gadget reviewing, fashion blogging, product promotion, and advertisement copies to name a few.
☂ Tutoring
Are you good at something where you wish to impart the same know-how to others? If you know how to play an instrument, cook, sew, take professional photographs, speak a foreign language and so on, you can provide classes to those who are interested in learning how to do these things.
It gives you a chance to strengthen another's passion as well as your own while you give them knowledge about what you know.
☂ Tour Guide
If you have a love for new cities and old, you can equip yourself with everything there is to know about them. Put up ads in the paper stating how you can be a reliable tour guide, with information on everything tourists need to know about - like the best restaurants, hangout spots, city highlights, shopping destinations and so on.
Have a transportation of your own to accommodate your tourists so that you come off as more believable and someone they can rely on for a legit good time.
☂ Secret Shopper
There's a system that companies work on called 'secret shoppers' where they have people step into a position that masks their true identities, making them regular customers in a particular place.
Only here, you have to report back to the company on how the target venue scored based on whichever criteria the company wants you to cover. It can be quite fun since you get to play many roles spun into one, like a secret food critic, a regular at the movie theater, a shopper in a well-known mall, a customer at a bank and so on.
These jobs are just some of a whole list of other alternatives that you can look out for and try. If you like to skip and hop through different job profiles and experiment in that respect, then you'll have no problem finding something that you can finally stick to and enjoy doing.