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Courier Service Jobs Overview

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The logistics industry plays a pivotal role in ensuring that global trade and communication function smoothly. The courier service is an integral part of this network. In this write-up, we will look at the job roles and opportunities available in this field.
When people need to deliver messages, documents or products from one place to another, they use the courier service. It involves picking up a package at the customer's door and delivering it to recipient's address, either in the same city or even another country.
Their advantage lies in the speedy, secure, and prompt delivery of shipments. The other important characteristics are individualization of services, tracking of deliveries, and the fact that they deliver to the addressee after proper verification. This makes the service not only reliable but also the most preferred.

Job Description

There are no mandatory educational qualifications required for such jobs. However, a high school diploma is desired. The job entails delivery of packages from point A to point B which could be between two departments in an organization, in the same locality, within the city, or even another country.
Most employers look for a candidate with a valid driver's license, as the job requires you to transport the shipment in vehicles. This list talks about some other duties of this role:
  • Accept shipments from customers; weigh the package, check the delivery location, calculate the cost of delivery, and provide a receipt upon payment.
  • Verify the address where the letter or package needs to be delivered.
  • Load the van with the correct packages which are to be delivered on the same route or ZIP code.
  • Transport the package to its destination. If the address is close by, then the person could be required to walk to the place.
  • Obtain the signatures after proper identity verification and collect payment for the services.
  • Record all the information related to the delivery like the time of delivery, the comments of the client, etc.
Apart from this, the job involves loading and unloading of packages from the delivery van and sorting them for delivery. The courier is also expected to know all about document management, as handling documents is an important aspect of the job.

Defense Courier Service

Defense courier service delivers highly classified documents and packages. This delivery takes place under a physical escort. It covers global delivery of defense related materials. As it requires handling extremely critical documents, the employees need to be reliable, should not have any criminal records and should be capable of passing certain tests.

Air Couriers

Air couriers are hired when a person or an organization needs to deliver packages to foreign destinations.
There are no custom delays with the right paperwork and this is the fastest way to get any parcel delivered to another location internationally. In order to be an air courier, you need to be 18 years of age and holding a valid passport. Another requisite of this job is to be capable to travel alone, as only one person is required to deliver.


Most of them are usually paid on an hourly basis. On an average, the job pays around USD 35,000 annually. During the holiday season, their salary can go up as the number of deliveries increase. The salary depends on the size of the organization, work experience, and the location.
Couriers have the option of working part-time or full-time. Those who work full-time can expect additional benefits such as medical insurance. An air courier gets the benefit of low airfares to his or her destination.