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Counselor Job Description

Arjun Kulkarni

Counseling spans across a number of duties and responsibilities. Let's discuss the career options in this field.
A counselor holds one of the most responsible and coveted positions in the service industry. But what does he do?

Job Description

Now, there are many types of counselors and hence, their job varies according to those types.

School Counselors

Such counselors deal particularly with the problems of school students. Students may be facing several behavioral problems and the job of correcting them is entrusted upon these professionals. They also help correct the behavior of deviant students.
Along with this, they also help students pick a career which they feel is suited to their areas of interests and specify the best colleges along with a career path and growth opportunities. The career opportunities for such professionals are also robust. The salary is also quite high, hence, it is a good career option.

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counseling

These two jobs are often clubbed together because they deal with similar issues of addiction. So while substance abuse counselors help people get over their alcohol or drug addiction, behavioral disorder counselors help patients get over their behavioral problems such as kleptomania, gambling addictions, etc.
Hence, both of them deal with patients who either have become habituated to addictive substances, or are facing behavioral problems. Their job is to help people get over these problems by using various therapies and techniques.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counselors deal with pressing mental issues and personality disorders of patients. They look after and help people overcome mental problems like manic depression, anxiety and phobias. They also help people with anti-social tendencies and aid people with anger and stress management techniques. They also help people overcome self-esteem issues.

Marriage and Family Counseling

The other very popular field of work in counseling is addressing the issues of rocky marriages and relationships. A lot of people, during the course of their divorce proceedings, are prescribed sessions with marriage counselors. So as to reconcile their differences and make their marriage work.
Conversely, a couple may also go for counseling when they see some trouble creeping into their relationship. These professionals help couples see the importance of their marriage by settling their differences.
As you can see, there's more to the job of a counselor than what meets the eye. So before deciding whether you want to choose this career option, you should look into the range of professions that this career offers.