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Cosmetologist Salary

Increased opportunities in cosmetology has increased the prospects of the salary. Know more about the same..
Kundan Pandey
Women as well as men, in the recent years, have heightened awareness about their physical appearance. Being fussy about their looks is not new, and almost everybody is willing to spend some extra bucks on personal grooming.
Welcome to the age of cosmetology! With increasing beauty and skin care centers, spas and beauty salons, cosmetologists are in great demand. Along with career opportunities, competition is also increasing considerably.
While some aspirants wish to be full-time cosmetologists, others wish to work in this field as a part of their hobby. Individuals having a good knack of grooming different types of individuals can make an excellent career in this field.
Like various professions, salary range is a dominant criteria for many prospective cosmetologists. The income is dependent on various factors like:
  • Educational qualifications of cosmetologists
  • Work experience/Apprenticeship/Training experience
  • Location of beauty care clinic
  • Revenue of skin/grooming clinic

Average Salary

Knowledge and expertise are essential for any business related to cosmetics to thrive in this tough competition. It is their skills that retains customers, they are the heart of any beauty salon.
Since cosmetology is an extensive field, they have to work on different job profiles like spas, hair salons and beauty care clinics. Many work as make up artist. The salary besides these factors depends on specialization and specific job profile.
The salary of a make up artist depends on the budget of client, and the types of services he/she needs to get.
If you are a make up artist to some celebrity, your income will be large as your client will pay you best for getting good services. Some make up artists work for fashion magazines and advertising firms, however the salary in those cases is not very high. Make up artists who work in films have better chances of earning.
It is advised that budding cosmetologists should never restrict themselves to just one or two job profiles. They should try to gain expertise in at least two profiles to increase chances of better salary. The make up artists salaries can range between US $15 to US $34 per hour.
Cosmetologists generally work on hourly and monthly basis, and they are paid by salon owners as a part of percentage of the earnings per day. Different salons may have different salary procedures and calculation rates. As per the latest reports, cosmetologists having work experience of less than a year to four years make US$12 to US$25 per hour.
Those with good work experience of about 5 to 9 years, the salary ranges between US $14 to US $30 per hour. Those with work experience of about 10-20 years can make as high as US $34 per hour. Since location plays a very crucial role in the salary, those working in Florida can make around US $15/hr, and those in Ohio can earn between US $10/hr to US $12/hr.
The salary of a cosmetologist may not seem to be financially rewarding to few aspirants unless one attains a little popularity. For those, who love this profession, they have the opportunity to work hard and earn well and after some work experience, many people move on to open their own beauty care centers, and offer their services.