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Consultant Job Description

Stephen Rampur
Consulting is one of the fastest growing industries in today's corporate world and one of the most popular career choices for a business school graduate. Have a look at few types of consulting profiles available in the market.
There are many processes in an organization, which require different types of individual support services to supplement its core functions. Consultants play a very important role here. A business consultant is simply a generic term used for entities who render services that they are proficient in.
There are many types of consultants in areas such as sales and marketing, talent acquisition, safety, weddings, real estate, IT and hardware, among several others. These professionals can also be termed as contractors. They can be an individual or a firm, depending on the kind of services required.

Sales and Marketing Consultant

He understands the client's products and services to develop marketing strategies, manages promotions, sales, leads, customer inquiries, etc. Most sales consulting firms have their own staff for this.

Human Resources or Placement Consultant

These professionals provide staffing solutions to their clients. They are hired for recruiting qualified, professional employees; carrying out the selection process; and also for conducting employee training, as per requirement.
Placement firms may conduct job fairs to attract good talent. They carry out all other tasks which are required for human resource management.

Wedding Consultant

They work in informal settings such as weddings to assist the bride and groom in planning like choosing suitable dresses, preparing a wedding budget, managing the decorations, arranging for the venue, etc.

Leasing or Real Estate Consultant

A real estate consultant can be self employed or may work in a firm dealing in property buying and selling.
His typical tasks include scheduling appointments with the customers, showing the property to the customer for sale, explaining all aspects of the property to potential customers, and helping in the related legal formalities. Along with real estate sales, he even has to look after the process of leasing out property for commercial use.

Fundraising Consultant

This professional is a person who is usually employed by a nonprofit organization for the purpose of initializing a plan, in order to meet the fundraising requirements. The action plan needs to be approved by the top management. Thereafter, he approaches potential donors and obtains funds by using his expertise and experience in this field.
A fundraising event may also be part of the plan, if it is a major or popular cause, such as AIDS awareness. He may even recruit and train new personnel.

Safety Consultant

As the name suggests, these professionals are responsible for looking after the safety of a customer's physical working environment.
They have to examine the site, and determine any potential dangers that can have an adverse effect on the employees working in that setting. These potential hazards need to be mitigated through certain safety measures. These consultants normally work for large companies and government agencies.
An average salary of a consultant depends on several factors such as the employer, level of expertise, location of employment, and most importantly, the services rendered.